Presentation Reflection

William Farquhar’s Collection of paintings interest me because I have always loved the look of old botanical drawing journals. This time, I actually get to learn more about the histories behind the drawings. Why were they drawn a certain way, what they were for? These days documentations are open for artistic exploration, and as humans I think we often take inspiration from what is already around us or from our past, our surroundings. Hence, I found it really fulfilling to see how artists of today have taken this particular collection of works and put a new meaning on it or expanded on it.

I enjoyed visiting the different galleries and museums to see the works in real life, and I think it really helped me appreciate the details on the paintings. In a society pervasive of technology, it is nice to go back to the traditional media of hand-drawn works. Working with my team I also get to learn a lot from my teammates research and get a better understanding of how the situation in the past brought about this collection of paintings.

Overall, the presentation was enjoyable and I had a good time reading up on Farquhar as well as getting to know more about the flora and fauna that I am so used to seeing in real life.