100 Lights/Pavilion

If given 1 light, I would let it hang from the top of the middle of the cubic room on an extended wire. It would swing around constantly (with a mechanism to keep this up)

I feel that there could be many associations to this visual, and the interpretation would depend on the audience.

Moreover, there would be interesting shadows cast on the walls, and the scene is ever changing.

If given 10 lights, I would put it in a circle on the ground, igniting some sort of cult-like vibes.

If given 100 lights or more, I would pile them up on the floor, with all lights off except for 1. Don’t mind the stock photo with the watermarks, but here’s one for illustration purposes:


For the pavilion, I spent some time wondering what is iconic to Singapore, and I would say there are many. A lot of them are landmarks and architecture. When I thought of food items, like the White Rabbit candy or haw flakes, as Singaporean as they are, I still also personally relate them to my childhood in Indonesia, hence it doesn’t feel as explicitly Singaporean to me.

Looking at my friends’ choices, I was thinking of not choosing the same things, so in the end I came up with the traffic light!

This is something I closely relate to Singapore. The order it brings, allowing for an actual space to cross instead of jaywalking, making it efficient so people would actually use it (unlike in Indonesia), reflects Singapore’s orderly image in a way. The blinking green man and the beeping sound is something that is overlooked, but I feel is close to Singapore.

The inclusion of the beeping sounds would in addition create a soundscape, which I think would be really interesting!