Clarita Saslim


Clarita Saslim is a dreamer, thinker, and a lover. She pours her soul into her craft and hopes to be a visionary artist, expressing herself through illustration, interactive devices, installations, and designing experiences.

Born in Jakarta, Clarita currently lives in Singapore, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialising in Interactive Media in Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media. 

Influenced by her upbringing in multiple cultures, Clarita also takes inspiration from the world around her. She believes that everything is interconnected and takes interest specifically in human interactions and behaviour. Keeping up with the digital world, she actively explores the possibilities of technology in her art, but also focuses on the physical experience, which is the essence of interaction.

With her interest in theatre, theme parks and circuses, Clarita hopes to further pursue her passion in the performing arts and eventually contribute back to the arts community in Indonesia.



MiMOSA, 2018

Lasercut MDF boards, corrugated boards, servo motors, touch sensors, Arduino UNO, PWM driver. 

MiMosa is an interactive accessory that was inspired from the eponymous plant. It embodies the instinctive act of self-preservation and explores the notion of human interaction. Mimosa illustrates how people put their guards up when others cross their personal space bubbles. This device focuses on shielding the user’s face, as the face represents a person’s identity and emotions. As the plant closes up its leaves when touched, MiMosa closes up its arms to shield the user when physical contact is made.



Clarita RESUME 2


B L I N D   L I G H T   B Y   A N T O N Y   G O R M L E Y

Blind Light, 2007

Antony Gormleys “Blind Light” is an installation in which the audience themselves become part of the work and their consciousness becomes the subject matter. “Blind Light” looks as if a cloud was trapped in a glass room. People are free to wander inside, but they will be blind, though instead of darkness, all they see is white light. Participants will experience being just their consciousness.

What excites me most is the level of audience interaction and participation. As an audience, I would like artworks that involve my participation or that engage me in multiple ways. This made me realise that I would love to be behind the props, moving sets or costumes in theme parks or stage performances, and I am inspired to always think of the audience’s perception when making art.