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2D Project 1: FINALS

After weeks of being deprived of sleep, constant panic mode and a super cluttered room: I’m finally done with my first 2D project!!!

Now that I’ve completed the project, I feel very glad that I challenged myself to try out various forms of mediums, textures, cuts, etc. Although the process of experimenting with different designs is a tedious one, it is really satisfying when you see all of your works being displayed together, remembering how much effort you put into each line of emotion and how each line has its own story.






3D Project 1: Octopus & Penguin

Whoosh, fast forward from our scavenger hunting day at the Thieves Market to last week: when we assembled the parts that we gathered!

From the trip, I got a tap faucet part, zips, a chain, a metal fork, a few metal springs and a connecting wire plug.



In class, I took most of my time making a stand from a torchlight. I was worried that my sculpture will not look nice if I didn’t have a something to hold the sculpture up. But in the end I discarded it anyway because the stand looks too overpowering.

The overall assembling process is fun! Fitting/scaling and cutting and piecing (with hot glue haha) the different pieces together was quite challenge but it is such a satisfaction when you see your end product.

Although there are pairings in the octopus’s tentacles – the chains and zips. I like the fact the remaining two tentacles are not a pair and actually look quite different from each other hahaha (sorry OCD people oops). One is a plastic wire plug and the other is three springs being glued together. The springs tentacle is actually my favourite.

And ta-dah! This is the end product of my octopus:





After I was done with my octopus, I still had some spare time so I went around the class looking for spare parts to make a second animal. The first thing that caught my eye was Calista’s soap dispenser and the pumper reminded me of a bird’s head. I also glued it together with a cylindrical shaped container, cut out pieces of spoons, and leftover chain pieces from the tentacle. And therefore, I ended up with the second sculpture – a penguin!



Overall, I like this project as it challenges us to think of new ways to ‘beautify’ old/used materials instead of creating it from scratch, giving these objects a new value as it can be something else other than its original purpose. The process of finding the materials and assembling them is also enjoyable. When we look at these sculptures, we will think of the story behind these objects too!

Thieves Market Adventure

About two weeks ago, we went to Kelantan Road’s Thieves Market to search for hidden treasures to construct our sculptures for our 3D class’s first project! For this project, we were assigned to use scrap parts and reuse them to make animal sculptures.



I went with the intention of making an elephant and a backup plan of a shark, but on the day itself, I am still quite unsure with the idea and the size of the object so I spent quite a while at the thieves market feeling very lost and confused. The weather that day was making my feelings worse too, IT WAS SO HOT (but the photos turned out nice because of the good lighting haha)

But after interacting with the different shop owners and discovering so many interesting little trinkets, I felt a lot better and suddenly LO AND BEHOLD, I spotted this tap faucet piece and that feeling was magical~ (*O*)

It instantly reminded me of an octopus head so it was then when I decided to make an octopus sculpture. I thought of how it will be interesting to if I used materials of different textures as the tentacles. But then and again, I had to keep it as simplistic as before as it was advisable that I use as little materials as possible. I just bought a few long dangly parts and see what I can do in class.


Overall, the experience in the thieves market really opened my eyes. Even in discarded items, there is still beauty in them and this value is irreplaceable. To be honest, I did not dare visit the market even though I have seen it before. I think it was because I was ‘scared’ (??) of the people and I did not think that I will find anything worthy. However, during the trip that day: the most important and memorable events that I remembered are the interactions with the lovely and friendly shop owners and my thrill when I find something interesting!

I love the fact that my expectations did not match the reality.


4D Project 1B – waddle waddle


So for this week’s assignment, we were suppose to create 3 characters. The characters ended up looking kind of whimsical, so I decided to include all of them in my movie hahaha.

Although I was really rushed, it was a lot of fun playing around and I still tried to put in my best efforts into creating these characters! I know that if I am to produce a movie/show, I wanted it to be light-hearted and comical, which is why I tried to make my characters look as amusing and playful as possible.

For my movie plot, I am still unsure of the whole storyline, but generally, the three friends will embark on an adventure together with an objective (will be decided later). They must work with each other’s differences; or use it to their advantage, and eventually defeat the bad guys and obtain their objective! This sounds like an episode from adventure time/bravest warriors/steven universe/bee and puppycat… BUT I WILL THINK OF AN INTERESTING STORYLINE, YEAH!

-I was channelling kyary pamyu pamyu’s essence into my works-

poster - kyary the duck girl

This is my main character whose name I still have not decided on…

But basically, her character is someone who spaces out and daydreams a lot. Which is why I made her hair as clouds and inserted some outer space elements to show that trait. I also edited her body as a rubber ducky as they float on water, so.. It is to show that she just live her life in a very carefree and optimistic manner, just floating around~


The second character is Bo the flower fox. I just thought that it will be cute if I edited away a fox’s body parts and replaced it with flowers. I think I am going to develop this character as someone who is soft-spoken and gets scared easily, but is also brave to help anyone in need and try to defeat challenges. He is also loyal and kind. Which is why I named him as Bo, the short form of Botan, the Japanese name for Peony, which means ‘Bravery’ in the language of flowers.


The last character is Mr Lizart! He is a gentleman who deeply love music, and carries his cello everywhere with him. Therefore in his name, the letter ‘d’ from ‘lizard’ is replaced with the letter ‘t’ so that it reminds people of Mozart, get it? HAHAHA. I thought it was really funny and smart so.. *coughs* He can play different kinds of genres on his cello, but he mostly prefers metal rock music (don’t judge a classy person on their appearance)

Please do look forward to my work’s progress haha

Mark Making in 2D class!

During week 2, we experimented with different prints in class with the mark making tools that we brought. Thank god I wore shorts and a black tee because I became a total kid when playing around with the paint and the tools HAHA.

It was really exciting to see how different techniques can create really different kind of prints! e.g. dabbing paint only at certain parts of the roller, or the amount of paint/pressure being placed. It was also super cool when I discovered that you can layer different tools below the paper to create new textures. I also ended up using the tools to directly dab a layer on top of the ones created with the roller. As I created more draft works, I realised how you can play around with the black and white spaces, create different patterns with different kinds tools and their positions, and get inspired by my classmates too!


I just put a big dollop of paint and spread it out, heh.


messy works in progress: playing with the tones and thickness of lines


trying out different mark making tools


‘finalised’ prints after much playing around

Optimized-DSC_0019aerial view (sort of)

After we are done with the prints, we went on to try linocut, where we were given a piece of linoleum and we need to carve out our designs on it before it is slapped on with paint and undergo some kind of traditional printer to create our prints.

Well… I made my geometrical design too complicated and in the end, I didn’t have time to carve out the full image… So for now, everyone will just have to bear with my incomplete linocut print:


That’s all, bye!