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Project 3: Ego In Different Settings

YAHOH! This is the final project for 2D, and (sort of) the semester!! ٩(⊙ᗜ⊙)۶ We were tasked to create four rows of three squares in the sequence of ME + SETTING = OUTCOME. We get to use any medium, technique, and style to create the pictures but we need to apply our knowledge of colour theory.


From the start, I already know that I want to work with paper and illustration. The reason is because in my portfolio, the works that I submitted were mostly drawings, and I chose to use paper cutouts for my stop-motion animation. Since I ‘start’ my ADM journey with paper and illustrations, I decided to ‘end’ it on the same note too hahaha!

I went to pinterest, FOR THE FIRST TIME, and I was super awed by so many works by other artists because so far, I was only exposed to other art pieces/styles through instagram and tumblr. So I was really impressed and inspired!

My inspirations were mostly types of paper cutting techniques and styles of arrangement.

92a5d6488de6424c38594c046cbea4b8  screen-shot-2010-10-21-at-3-14-14-pm  7f680b10967899-560eed290b392

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-5-54-01-pm  screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-6-11-18-pm  screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-6-10-33-pm

These circular designs help to draw in attention. Overlaying layers can create depth and textures. We can also play with adding small details in them to further draw people in.

313b942abdf0aa18d4f5312ab918aa87  screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-6-29-38-pm  screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-6-30-05-pm

Use of papers with different textures: watercolour painted, text, metallic


802e8a108f2a7fd41aa7fcb20e9799d9  helen-musselwhite-main-ad-folio  helen_musselwhite_midsummer-foxes-1500x1405

Intricate cuting styles, use of colours to create depth

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-6-28-11-pm   b379de095b4344386e1a08f3b8a6c54d  screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-5-54-16-pm

Playing with the arrangement of papers to create unique visuals

kerstdiy22x  1433460768585  45cc381a17c7dcc61c5cdfab0ccda942

3D style in 2D??? (pop out effect)

82090efbdf7a4662c70a8c18da767662  embro03  dc11da1693506f5fe0138709a6a7db17

other styles: geometric, incorporating strings



First, I experimented with the possible colour schemes so that I can set a mood and come up with the ideas that relate to that mood.


(please don’t mind the names HAHA)

I go with colours that I like, which are bright and pastel-looking.

Secondly, coming up with the pictures. I was really at lost on what do.


sketches of the possible me pictures

But after much thinking, I narrowed down to these four that shows what I’m usually like: PROCRASTINATOR, INDECISIVE, NERVOUS WRECK, FANGIRL.

Because I narrowed down, I was able to better visualise the settings that best represent me, and thus also able to come up with the outcomes.

  • When I think of procrastinating, it is me dealing with HOMEWORK/DEADLINES.
  • I get especially nervous when I’m about to PERFORM on stage
  • I am already very indecisive all the time, but when I’m SHOPPING, I can be in the same shop for  hours, just to decide if I should buy that item or not.
  • And yes, I become a total trash when I’m WATCHING ANIME/READING MANGA. The hotness of cute anime guys is.. too… much.. for.. my.. heart…..

I will further elaborate the details below.

Okay so I came up with the ideas, but how should I represent them? I could draw them in the literal sense. But where is the fun in that. So I decided to use symbolism.

Since I love food and animals, I used desserts to represent me and animals to represent the settings! This helps to better translate my sense of humour in the outcome, showing my work style in this self-promo project.


summary of the twelve pictures





Because when I procrastinate, I become super lazy and just lie around in my comfort and not do anything, being this soft fluffy state. Making me think of mochi!



I incorporated the use of felt fabric as I wanted to convey the soft texture of my idea. I also drew clouds in the background for the dreamy like state. The colour scheme used is complimentary – blue and orange.



For homework: when it’s just one assignment, it looks ‘cute’ and harmless, and you will just leave it. But before, you know it, there’s suddenly one HUGE stack of work waiting for you. Just like rabbits, although they appear harmless, they are able to ‘reproduce’ at such a rapid rate and BAM! Holy moly, suddenly you suffocated by them!! To make my idea clearer, I also wrote subject names and academic stuffs on them.

I used monochromatic purple colour scheme. Because I could not find the exact shade of colour, I watercolour painted the shades used for the cave. I was inspired to do the ‘hole’ effect. It is purely coincidental that I chose to use rabbits, because by not dealing with my homework on time, I’m actually falling into a rabbit hole. I also drew the rabbits in three different coloured papers so that I can portray more depth.


I thought of how fitting it is for the outcome because in Japanese folklore, there are rabbits living on the moon and they make mochi! Because of that, I translated the outcome of me being overwhelmed by homework/deadlines as the rabbits looking intimidating and threatening me with a hammer LOL.


kaichou-wa-maid-sama-ep-24-2I drew on the sparkles since I drew the clouds for the mochi piece. I cut out stars made of the felt. I placed the circle in the middle as I want it to represent the moon but I was also inspired by the graphical design style of including shapes in the work. I added the mini strips on the mochi to show how dreaded it is (I am) when facing the rabbit (homework). The colour scheme for this is analogous-complimentary.




f2330b321c59f704b24efcd157981ec5_full_size 2d68dd85710291c90ca4a5d4f0f9b2c2_full_sizeI chose to use crepe as a representation of me as an indecisive person as crepes can be eaten as sweet or savoury. It can also be served hot or cold. Because of how there are two types of choices, it reflects how I am stuck into making a decision.




I used complimentary-analogous colour scheme. I cut out the different ingredient before assembling them together into separate parts – savoury and sweet.


I used birds to represent shopping because birds are colourful and has a lot of variety, making them attractive looking. There are also many people who enjoy buying/collecting birds as a hobby, like shopaholics. When they own an expensive breed or a beautiful one, they will show them off, like how people show off branded clothes too.


Notice how I drew the birds by the window because.. window shopping… heh.

I used quad-colour scheme so that I can show off more variety of colours of the birds.


For the outcome, I drew the birds picking away bits of the crepe. And that the crepe has lost its soul. This is to represent how I am getting more listless and mind blank when I spend even longer looking at the items and deciding if I should buy them. I used complimentary-analogous colour scheme of green, yellow, blue.





sfs_cheese_souffle-41To show how nervous I get, I chose to use soufflé as the food to represent me. As they can be easily overcooked or undercooked, and collapse easily if not immediately consumed.

Basically, it is a very difficult dessert to make and eat… like how I’m a difficult person too. HAHA.


I added cut out stripes in the background so that it gives off the retro American vibes. I coloured on the soufflé to show the varying tones as it is too difficult to find the exact tones of yellow. I used triadic colour scheme of blue, pink and yellow.




I chose the bull as my animal for performance on stage as they are intimidating. Like bulls, it is stressful to face our performance as they may ‘attack’ back. Because most of my performance experiences were from my band days, I decided to include musical elements in this piece. I drew the bull jumping over the fence, that looks like a music bar. I added the treble clef at the side to make it more obvious. I also drew on different musical signs in the background so that it is less plain.

The violet coloured notes is a the tune from my part.

(if you’re wondering what it sounds like)

I really like how coincidental my ideas are with my own experience. For my last major performance, it was the wind orchestra SYF in 2015. I was the first horn position so it was even more stressful than usual. The competition piece was El Camino Real by Afred Reed, a Spanish style piece. The horns of the bull are to represent the instrument that i play – the french horn. It is also interesting how in Spain, they are famous for bull fighting where the matador must confront the intimidating bull only after a long period of intense trainings, like how I was prepping myself for the competition.

I decided to use raffia paper strings as I wanted to try out different textures, and since I have a huge amount of them from of my 3D project, I didn’t want to waste them (LOLLLL). The colour scheme used is complimentary: purple and yellow.


For the outcome, I want to show that despite my nervousness for every performance, I am always able to work with my anxiety and in the end, delivering a great performance (not to blow my own horn. alright this pun game needs to stop)


Which is why I drew the bull soaking in soufflé goodness and enjoying them, like in a hot spring! I combined the two pieces styles by adding the raffia paper strings in the background as a bamboo wall – like what you see in a Japanese hot spring room (onsen). I also used the raffia string as its horns as well. I like the effect of the raffia strings as it delivers the texture of how bamboo is like, and how it accents the horns. The colour scheme used is quadratic.





To express my fangirl side, I used ondeh ondeh as the food to represent me. The gula melaka filling inside is hot. When you bite into it, the filling explodes in your mouth and melts into a sweet delicious mess (this was not meant to sound erotic)

Which is like me! When I fangirl, I turn into a screaming hot mess. And get it, because the filling flows out… like my feels. Overflowing feels. Sorry for being lame again. /coughs/


I used the hole puncher and made many mini circles of different tones of green. I then pasted them all together to form a circular shape. I think this makes the ondeh ondeh look more interesting rather than just cutting out circles from a piece of green paper. I also added little white strips on top to imitate the coconut shreds. I used complimentary colour scheme of red and green. The red background really helps to push out the contrasting colours of the ondeh ondeh.



I chose to use shiba inu, a type of dog breed to represent the hot anime guys.

For both shiba inu and anime guys, they are both really cute and I just want to squeal and hug them and spazz over their attractiveness. And well, they are also both from Japan….




I thus added the circle of hearts around the shiba inu, after getting inspired by the circular design style from my inspirations, as I want to show how well loved they are. Instead of just cutting out the whole face of the dog, I just cut out the orange part of the shiba inu and used the background as the white parts of the dog. I also added a crown on it as they treated like royalties by the fans (actually more like Gods). I used a triadic colour scheme.



For the outcome, I conveyed how my heart gets captured by them by showing how I’m treated like a toy ball and that the dog is biting on to me, so I can’t escape anymore from their overwhelming cuteness /cries/. Like the previous piece, I only cut out the orange part of the dog. I added the sparkles around them to show the ‘heaven’-like state. The colour scheme used is complimentary-analogous.




 To be honest, I was very rushed to complete all the pieces and it is a pity how I could not apply all the inspirations that I got. The pieces could really look more neat. I could have done better by adding more details to my work and making the backgrounds less plain.

But I am still very proud of the results and I love every piece! I like my choices in the variety of colour schemes and how the designs worked together, in the narrative sense and also the mixture of techniques. By using paper and cutting the pieces in a collage style, it makes the illustrations look more cute and casual. It was really fun showing off myself hahaha.

Through this project, I learned that I should really study more on colour theory to improve on future work.

That’s all, thank you! Sorry for rambling so much. (^_^)v

4D Project 3: Magicleaner


Sammi is more than your average delusional fangirl. One day, she notices a new mysterious cleaner in her school. It appears that the cleaner has some sort of special skill… What will happen when Sammi decides to find out more?


The 6 lines for my group are:

  • What should I do
  • Time is ticking
  • It stinks
  • Maybe
  • What
  • You can try


To be honest, I was quite stumped by our lines because they are so vague I don’t really know how to work my way around them. It was a pretty stressful time as everyone was already filming but I still had not came up with a storyline. I was also even more stressed out because I don’t know what genre should I tackle on.

After many days of having a mental breakdown, I set myself down and thought to myself:

“ok, what is your brand?”

I realised I should not get too serious because I will start to overthink and doubt the quality/creativity of my work. (not that my works are sloppy and I don’t put in effort)

Since I usually present things in a casual/light-hearted tone, SLAPSTICK IS THE WAY TO GO! yeah!

Hahaha, and to make things more interesting, I wanted to add in some fantasy/magical elements. And who doesn’t like a twist in the ending? Hope you enjoy the film!


3D: Checking out SEM + modular construction

For project 3, we were assigned to find a ‘shape’ from a SEM image, and constructing a structure from it!

I chose the SEM of pu’er tea! It looks interesting with both a long & narrow strip, and round blobs attached to the sides.


shapes that I had picked out from the first picture

     optimized-dsc_0236 optimized-dsc_0237-2

Coming up with possible structure designs and considering what materials can I use

In the end I went with the nest-looking design, as its cup shape seems to be more relatable to ‘tea’.

I had already planned to use cotton buds to represent the blobs. So there’s that. But in order to construct the bent loopy ‘strings’ to create the nest, I need to find something flexible and is long and narrow. Here’s some of the materials that I used:


Got a styrofoam ball so that the strings can wrapped around it while being covered in craft glue. When it dries, removing it from the styrofoam ball will thus form a hardened round shape.


The raffia strings were difficult to work with as it’s made entirely out of plastic, thus being unable to glue down to the spherical ball. The twine was fine to work with but the structure looked too stiff, not exactly portraying the texture that I envisioned my structure to be.

I ended up finding this raffia string that is made out paper! It was able to adhere well to the styrofoam ball and giving the sleek looking texture that I wanted, woohoo!


What it looks like on the ball. I also plucked up a few strings to make it look messier (nest)

After removing the ball and trimming the edges down. I hot-glued the cotton buds on to random parts of the strings from different angles. Here is the finished product!! (o˘◡˘o)

dsc_0271 dsc_0273 dsc_0272

I like how bright my sculpture looks and I guess it may be more likely to draw people in to look closely at it? Hahaha. In the end it looks more like a bowl/cover than a nest, but the overall shape still looks nice and gives off the ‘messy’ structure that I wanted.

The method of using the styrofoam ball was also really fun as it was my first time trying it out, but it actually helped made the strings super stiff and secure, but not compromising the original texture of the strings. Now that I think about it, it’s interesting how we can create a sculpture just by deriving a shape/pattern from another object.

That’s all, bye!

(in case anyone was wondering what happened to the twine version, hahaha)