Hello! For our first project in 4D class, we were assigned to create pieces with the techniques – Addition, Subtraction, Substitution, and Superimposing.

I wanted to create meaningful and thoughts-invoking images which was why I was inspired to have a theme of “21st Century problems” for the four images. Although I was quite rushed to create these images, I still had fun in the process of coming up with ideas and creating them! They contain a mixture of both digital and traditional media (collage). I kinda prefer the process of collaging more as I like how artisan it turns out and has more of a personal touch to it. It is also more challenging, in this case my superimpose piece, to figure out the angles and size of the pictures to fit them nicely as a whole image. Overall I am really enjoying this project as you get to experiment with whatever you like and what you wish to portray ^_^


1. Addition: Water Pollution


I compiled images of many different marine lives into a water droplet shape. I wanted to convey the message that water is precious. So many lives depend on even the smallest amount; every drop counts. Especially now that there is water pollution and an increasing decline of freshwater, I want to remind people that we should treasure and use water wisely.


2. Subtraction: Gender Inequality


I printed out a picture of a girl and cut off her mouth. I wanted to convey the message that in many countries, societies are still male-dominated. Especially in third-world countries, many women are still denied access to basic rights and privileges. I want to show that are still women and girls who do not have a voice in the system that they are bored in.


3. Substitution: Keeping Up With Technology


This may actually be quite hard to comprehend at the first glance haha. The problem that I want to address is that although technology is uniting the world and aids a society to progress, we are trying too hard to keep up with it and becoming too reliant on it and it may eventually change our way of thoughts.

Basically, I edited a picture of a person who is piping the filling on the macaron and added my own drawings too. I changed the colour of the filling and added the lines and dots to represent it as the huge technological data and network.

I wanted to convey the message that in this fast paced society, we readily produced new appliances, softwares, interactive medias and as consumers, we also readily accept them. Which is why I put the gadgets – laptop, smartphones, hover board, as the piped out filling on macarons. Macarons are small and easily consumed, much alike to how we consume the technology thrown at us today.

We are constantly trying to keep up with updates. If societies do not manage to keep up, they are deemed are unprogressive and therefore unproductive and weak. Unconsciously, we ‘consumed’ so much technology, that it may be too much in the future, leading to consequences.


4. Superimposing: Rich-Poor Gap


One side of the train track is a rural street in the Philippines, while the other side is a street known for its wealth in England. I wanted to convey the message of rich-gap poverty still persists even if it seems that the rich is ‘helping’ the poor. Actually I was inspired by what I learnt during Art History lecture that in paintings, there is a vanishing point. So although the train tracks look like they will converge in the future, it is not true as it will always be parallel. So although it may look like the wealthy people can easily ‘give’ this financial aid to the poor, the aid given is just like the train tracks, it may seem to be progressing to a point, but in fact, it is not.

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