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4D Project 3: Magicleaner


Sammi is more than your average delusional fangirl. One day, she notices a new mysterious cleaner in her school. It appears that the cleaner has some sort of special skill… What will happen when Sammi decides to find out more?


The 6 lines for my group are:

  • What should I do
  • Time is ticking
  • It stinks
  • Maybe
  • What
  • You can try


To be honest, I was quite stumped by our lines because they are so vague I don’t really know how to work my way around them. It was a pretty stressful time as everyone was already filming but I still had not came up with a storyline. I was also even more stressed out because I don’t know what genre should I tackle on.

After many days of having a mental breakdown, I set myself down and thought to myself:

“ok, what is your brand?”

I realised I should not get too serious because I will start to overthink and doubt the quality/creativity of my work. (not that my works are sloppy and I don’t put in effort)

Since I usually present things in a casual/light-hearted tone, SLAPSTICK IS THE WAY TO GO! yeah!

Hahaha, and to make things more interesting, I wanted to add in some fantasy/magical elements. And who doesn’t like a twist in the ending? Hope you enjoy the film!