Project 2: Zine Final Outcome!

Hello, here’s the full layout of my zine about Marine Parade!

(cover pages: front & back)

page 2 & 3

page 4 & 5

page 6 & 7


When I started out in this project, I was really quite excited as it seem like while trying to present and encourage people to discover more about Singapore, I myself was opening my eyes to a side of Singapore I never knew as well! I felt like I learnt a lot from my exploration adventures. I used to feel that because Singapore was so small, that was nothing else to do. But being on this zine journey made me realised there is still a bigger world out there. I am stoked to visit more unfamiliar places in the future, especially after reading my classmates’ zines! ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Now for the zine process.

I honestly felt that my idea was not bad. The fact that I wanted to stick to a colour theme and venture on exploring the ‘texture’ side was sort of stepping out of my comfort zone as I was used to drawing (but with not much technical skills lol).

Which was why it was really disappointing that I could not complete my zine in the best way possible. It was still far from what I wanted it to be. There were so many other layout methods that I could have approached e.g. own typography. I should also include textual information on introducing my ideas and explaining the uniqueness of each layer/page, as people who don’t read my OSS won’t know my concept behind the zine.

It was regretful that I was rushed to do the zine although we were given a lot of time and it was unfulfilling to showcase works that were not my best. I could not share my zine properly with my peers. It was even worse that I could not have it printed professionally and my zine was printed in such a bad format, I had to end up resizing it down to nearly an A6 size after cutting away the edges. (。•́︿•̀。)

Given another chance and better time management, I will show a better zine.

Even so, thank you for reading my post and I hoped that you still enjoyed it. ◡̈⃝


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