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3D: Checking out SEM + modular construction

For project 3, we were assigned to find a ‘shape’ from a SEM image, and constructing a structure from it!

I chose the SEM of pu’er tea! It looks interesting with both a long & narrow strip, and round blobs attached to the sides.


shapes that I had picked out from the first picture

     optimized-dsc_0236 optimized-dsc_0237-2

Coming up with possible structure designs and considering what materials can I use

In the end I went with the nest-looking design, as its cup shape seems to be more relatable to ‘tea’.

I had already planned to use cotton buds to represent the blobs. So there’s that. But in order to construct the bent loopy ‘strings’ to create the nest, I need to find something flexible and is long and narrow. Here’s some of the materials that I used:


Got a styrofoam ball so that the strings can wrapped around it while being covered in craft glue. When it dries, removing it from the styrofoam ball will thus form a hardened round shape.


The raffia strings were difficult to work with as it’s made entirely out of plastic, thus being unable to glue down to the spherical ball. The twine was fine to work with but the structure looked too stiff, not exactly portraying the texture that I envisioned my structure to be.

I ended up finding this raffia string that is made out paper! It was able to adhere well to the styrofoam ball and giving the sleek looking texture that I wanted, woohoo!


What it looks like on the ball. I also plucked up a few strings to make it look messier (nest)

After removing the ball and trimming the edges down. I hot-glued the cotton buds on to random parts of the strings from different angles. Here is the finished product!! (o˘◡˘o)

dsc_0271 dsc_0273 dsc_0272

I like how bright my sculpture looks and I guess it may be more likely to draw people in to look closely at it? Hahaha. In the end it looks more like a bowl/cover than a nest, but the overall shape still looks nice and gives off the ‘messy’ structure that I wanted.

The method of using the styrofoam ball was also really fun as it was my first time trying it out, but it actually helped made the strings super stiff and secure, but not compromising the original texture of the strings. Now that I think about it, it’s interesting how we can create a sculpture just by deriving a shape/pattern from another object.

That’s all, bye!

(in case anyone was wondering what happened to the twine version, hahaha)



For our second 3D project, it’s string sculptures!

My string sculpture goes by the theme of ‘Fire’. During the thinking process, I was inspired by Lydia’s Water-themed string sculpture.



For my first draft, I cut a few random lines in a piece of paper so that I could fold the different edges to build up the figure, similar to the shape of a bonfire. I also used red, orange, and yellow strings to convey the meaning.


At this stage, the idea of including strings in my design was simply to piece the different strips together, instead of incorporating it into my design. I also had no prior planning on the locations of the holes and direction of where my strings were going.

Which was why in my second draft, I scratched the idea of cutting the paper/plastic sheet and did more research in ways that I can present strings as a shape form.




I used a harder black vanguard paper for stronger structure support. I also pre-poked the holes so that I would have a clearer idea throughout the creation process on where should the strings go.

All the strings from the circle converged into the centre hole in the line. The strings from the square joining up to all the holes in the line, with each side of the square joining up differently from changing angles. This formed a cone shape that was surrounded with ‘slanted walls’.

However, the overall piece looked very complicated and messy. It was also very time consuming to make sure all the strings were tied tightly, which was especially difficult since multiple strings were condensed in one hole. There were also two sides of the square being incomplete because it was too difficult to keep track of which string should go in which direction… 🙁




The cone shape made from the strings looked pretty neat, so I thought, why not make two circles and twist the strings in a way to form two cones!


This the final look! I also attached strings from lines on both side, forming a rectangular wall that intertwined with the cones, because I thought that the sculpture will look too dull if it was simply just the cones in a single colour.

However, Peter also mentioned that although the structure looked nice and proper, it did not reflect the original idea that I had.




And so, for my final piece, I decided to incorporate the new learnt skills of making a cone and at the same time, conveying the theme of ‘Fire’ too!

I made two circles, but this time, I used two coloured strings – red and yellow, and attached them in different directions, to form two different types of cones, forming a free-flowing conical shape, much alike to a burning fire.

I also added lines at the side, but instead of being straight, they were slightly wavy, making the ‘walls’ look more interesting. They were also made using light and dark blue strings to imitate the blue flames.

I really like how the overall piece turned out because it is a lot more vibrant, and also showcase the skills that I had learnt from the stringing process.


When looking from different angles, the combination of the multi-coloured and the variations in the angles of the strings gives a fresh interesting trippy-looking perspective. It’s also pretty cool how the colours of the strings were reflected on the plastic sheet too.

Overall this project was like journey of discovery and experimentation, finding out what fits the aesthetics of the work yet sticking to what I want to convey as well. I learnt how to utilise space and my materials too. And most importantly, I am proud of my final piece and enjoyed how fun the process was even though it was difficult to approach and manage.

2D Project 1: FINALS

After weeks of being deprived of sleep, constant panic mode and a super cluttered room: I’m finally done with my first 2D project!!!

Now that I’ve completed the project, I feel very glad that I challenged myself to try out various forms of mediums, textures, cuts, etc. Although the process of experimenting with different designs is a tedious one, it is really satisfying when you see all of your works being displayed together, remembering how much effort you put into each line of emotion and how each line has its own story.