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Project 2: Making of Zine

Heyya! My zine’s idea was to focus on textures and shapes unique to Marine Parade, categorising into the ‘layers’ that make up the neighbourhood.

Since I wanted to explore the topic about textures, I got the idea to incorporate other textures and superimpose them into my photos and mimicking the actual photos, trying to create more variety in my works and not make the pages that flat since I was only planning to focus on the visual aspect on the zine only through my photos.

For example, the waves will be replaced with lace.


scan of my lace dress: sea waves


scan of blue sticky notes overlaying: tiles


scan of several blue yarns: lines patterns of the rock


scan of cellophane paper: glass roof

I also did some watercolour drawings so that my beach layer won’t be so plain.

For the buildings, I thought of mixing textures of clay and paint streaks to make a play on the characteristics of how buildings were made.

scan of paint streaks

Now for the pages process! I used Photoshop to create all my edits, saving the pieces as individual pictures then pasting in on InDesign.

I forgot to mention that I titled my zine ‘Slice of Life’. The name was derived from the anime genre – slice of life, whereby the anime of this genre focuses on a cut of narrative that could happen in the every day life of a character. It enhances the ‘layers’ concept and introduces to the readers that they will be getting a taste of a part of Marine Parade!

Because of this, for my cover page, I edited a slice of cake showing the different layers that I gathered from my photos.

It was modelled after this photo of a chocolate cake:

The ‘cake’ layers include the sea waves, tunnel wall connecting to ECP, the post office’s architecture, rock monument, a shop’s banner. The top was then decorated with the clouds as the whip cream and the wheel sculpture as the chocolate piece.

Photos used for this edit:

I also put the cake on top of a paper plate, similar to those used in hawker centres (the popiah), as the use of ‘proper’ plates and utensils may make the styles too contrasting as the cake looks quite whimsical whereas the a porcelain plate is bit formal.

I used my blue painted swirls to add on abstract patterns in the background so that it was less plain.

The back cover follows the same layout showcasing an empty plate with leftover bits of the cake, signifying the readers digested the mini experience of Marine Parade after reading my zine, being a perfect last page to my zine.


For the pages inside, I originally wanted to divide the pages from the top to bottom as people, cultures (food, monuments, etc), architecture, beach. I realised the limitations of the number of pages I could do and thus decided on the following layout.

pg. 2: contents page – introducing readers to the layers

pg. 3: first layer – cultures

pg. 4-5: second layer – architecture

pg. 6-7: third layer – beach


For the contents page, I kept it simple. As mentioned, I wrote down the ‘layers’ that I would be showing.

The drawing of whale was extracted from one of the wall murals below the HBD flats.


For page 3, it is about layer 1: the cultural aspect of what makes Marine Parade unique. Unlike most other neighbourhoods, there was an effort to make it a culturally unique place. There was many recurring usage of the nautical theme through the multiple figurines placed around the neighbourhood.



I also included some of the ‘everyday’ objects that I found! Although there were not exactly part of the nautical theme, I had not seen them in any places yet, making them special too.

I compiled the photos as a collage.


For the 4-5 pages, they centred on the architectures that one can find in marine parade.

I wanted to present the architecture to form up one continuos flow of buildings. Mimi helped gave me some ideas such as making fonts out of these building structures or just putting them in a collage style. Such as:

Another idea was to overlay the different patterns that I found. Whereby the buildings will follow the grids of the patterns or fit into them.


In the end result, I chose to make it as a collage style.

I then added on the “reflective glass roof” cellophane paper cutouts and overlaid the paint streaks in a similar fashion to follow the pattern as shown below. The pattern was used in many of the HDB flats’ void-deck walls design.



For the 6-7th page, they featured the beach – East Coast Park!

I decorated it with the little shells/starfishes drawings I made. The background used was the waves painting. As mentioned, I used the lace to superimpose on the sea waves.

I included the stone benches as I felt that they are an iconic object found in ECP. The white flowers were also added as greeneries are an important part of the beach.

During my visit, the trees near seawalls area were blooming! It was really beautiful and I wanted to include them for appreciation of the nature aspect of Marine Parade.



And that’s all the pages that make up my zine! Hope you had fun viewing it!

2D Project 1 – Que Sera Sera (Progress + Finals)

¡Hola a todos! (trying to put my Spanish to good use HAHA) For this 2D project – Que Sera Sera, we were assigned to use our names to create typographies in relation to four occupations that we chose for ourselves. Most of my stuffs are in my journal so I will briefly go through the inspirational process behind each design and the final outcomes!



This was the first job that came to my mind because I really did aspire to be a farmer 😀

When I think of farmers, it is a lot about being ‘hands-on’ and ‘natural’ state. Which is why for most of my typography designs for farmer, I decided to use real organic materials to create my name.

162bb08d2575a9151d5fa23c503d7373 9c7f0ae64ee42f312ea8e94bd3e13852 c5560f1bdaf0be05359209b5cc689c1e  

The colours used also needs to be bright and vibrant!

I bought vegetables with long roots, different shapes/sizes, to experiment. And to better recreate the ‘farm’ scene, I bought soil too to create the fields background  and it was really fun experimenting with the different vegetables and tweaking their shapes to fit the letters.

Here are some of design experimentation : for example for turnip’s leaves, I used the side of the leave as the background to write my name (Claud). I also tried to make it look as though the markings on different potatoes dd up to form my initials (CTLX).


optimized-leaf-cut  optimized-potato

But here’s the final outcome!

I chose this as it looks most organic. It is simple and shows my name in a natural state. It is appropriate as it shows how farmers work in the fields and this is a sight that they encounter in their daily chores.


I arranged the roots in a way to spell CLAUDIA. The original picture was a little messy as I could not totally control the shape of the roots, so I used photoshop to touch up on it by leaving out only the roots the spell out my name and emphasising the size and colours of it, and darkening the soil to make the roots more pop.


fontsInitially I wanted to be a baker. But as I explored around with various sketch designs and inspirations, I felt that being a café owner gives me more space to experiment with various styles! I want to create the vintage warm feels of a café and I went to research more on the interior – food, interior design, layout, & exterior – ‘architecture’ aspects.


298a7573dfb78f6ce66853fc71172e8c dddd4702fb3f9839c2d7a18cd98f9405

i drew different sketches involving around menu designs, display cases, using a variety of food/drinks to form my name

p2051006 p2051017


0e58f77ac6134754da850cb6d822a124 87cfec7cd8145a9cdd24b583bbddcb5d 1366_2000

I think it was clearer in conveying the message that I’m a café owner by focusing on the exterior design of cafés as the use of food and menu items can also be found in restaurants.

It really appealed to me when I saw how many café’s glass windows have writings on them. They  are either the shop name, menu items, or just illustrations for decoration purposes. I want to use the glass window part as I feel like most cafés in general have huge windows to create that inviting warm feeling as light pours in. It also creates an interaction for passers-by to be curious and walk inside the café (or at least that’s how I always end up being attracted to enter one hahaha)

I experimented with various backgrounds and fonts to write my name but I felt that it is too literal. I came across some simple illustrations styles on pinterest and I thought that it would work really well as designs on the glass.

dsc09001  38e8623c5cdbb308a5571830efb29389


I tried to imitate the interior of the café as my background by printing out an actual image of it (thus solving the reflective light issue) and use illustrations of things that you (hopefully) find in my café hee.


Creating typographies with the theme of ‘firefighter’ took me some time as there are so many things that can be linked to them e.g. the fire hydrant, outfit, fire


I played around with different narrative illustrations around objects that are linked to firemen, but when I came across this picture, I was really inspired because it uses the negative space that was created by the ‘fire’ – burnt part, leaving on the silhouette of the firefighter ‘unburnt’, conveying the message of the firefighter’s job.



I burnt a plank of wood and after drawing on the illustration of a fire hydrant with my name being the top part of it, I painted the surrounding areas black with paint.

After uploading on to my computer, I did some editing by putting the neon reflective band found at the freighter’s outfits over my name to highlight it. I also added some golden smokes and sparkles after being inspired by the picture below, and to create the image of fire but glorifying it in a way.

double-exposure-faces-blended-into-plumes-of-ink-in-water-by-chris-slabber-7  optimized-fireman

It ended up looking a little tacky, and unlike my finals for farmer and café owner, the background does not look realistic, making my works inconsistent. Therefore, I replaced the black background with an actual site of a fire hydrant that I found near my hall and here’s the final outcome!

Although the original one by just photoshopping the actual environment, the colours does not bring out the image of the wooden fire hydrant. Therefore I darken the surroundings and also added a red tint over the wooden plank to make it resemble the fire hydrant more.


I struggled to think of the last occupation the most. I thought of being a carpenter, veterinarian, detective, etc. But these are either to similar to the others jobs that i chose in terms of craftsmanship/industry, or areas that I’m too unfamiliar with. It occurred to me that I should use what I have experience in, to better translate the typography.

So… during the long break before we started uni, I signed up for various kickboxing and muay thai classes. (ARE YOU SURPRISED? HAHAHA) Which is why I decided to combine both and ended up choosing to be a MMA  fighter as my fourth occupation!


(obviously still no toned muscles like this lady)

To best portray the MMA idea, the first thing that I thought of was to use the octagon arena ring in UFC matches. There were also many other ideas – incorporating the different fighting styles to form my name in a narrative way, the different equipments used, exercises regimes, motivational quotes styles, etc etc.

In my final outcome, I still felt that the best idea is to use the octagon arena as the background base and further enhance the picture with other ‘fighting’ elements.


I put my initials (CTLX) as the arena name and use metal mesh fence as an overlay to further showcase the metal fence that is unique to UFC arena cages. It still looks quite plain so I also drew on crosses over the lines to look like the laces on boxing gloves.

Since the arena are also often filled with sponsors’ names, I wanted to include my name too as it also makes the arena look less plain. I did so by writing LX in a way that looks like it is formed by hand wraps.

Although I was tempted to create different versions of my name and paste it around the arena, I was scared that it will look too messy. It then occured to me that champion belts have the smaller gold-plates, one at each side of the main plate. Hence I just sticked with 2 of the other names.


I like how all my works have the realistic feel to them as they show the environment of my workplace. I hope you will appreciate them too, thanks! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Designs Progress

While coming up with design of the quote, I was in a dilemma about how should I present the design – if it is based off literally from the quote itself or from the movie scene when the quote was being said. I also had to consider how different images used can portray different meanings and styles.


For the BTTF quote, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”, I sort of already had an idea of using the vanishing point idea again whereby the end of the road will be something that represents the unknown (future/past); road being cut off.


Road markings are replaced by an electric guitar (Marty reference), and the road ends with a clocktower (since the clocktower in the movie is the mark that ties the present time of 1985 to the past and the future). I also added clouds as it helps depict the scene as blurry and a dream-like state.


The second design shows the road directly ending off with a clock. Again, the clouds are there to symbolise a mysterious aura. I added the lightnings and fires along the side of the road to better depict the scene where the DeLorean zaps off, giving the design a dramatic feel, much alike to the amazingness when they managed to travel successfully through time in the movie! I like how grungy the design looks and has a rock-n-roll;AC/DC feel, showing off the 80s vibes of the movie whoo \m/


For the two Due Date quotes, I had more trouble coming up with the designs as the words in the quotes can have different symbols to symbolise them.

“He really enjoyed coffee and in the end he was enjoyed as coffee… Kind of circle of life.”


I wanted to include the Enso circle as it symbolises the meaning of the circle of life. I tweaked it to look like the coffee’s aroma.


I added the silhouette of Mufasa from the The Lion King as I wanted to include a recognisable father figure (who is dead…). And since it’s about the circle of life, I’m pretty sure everyone thinks of The Lion King when they hear that phrase. Killing two birds with one stone. *smirks* I also align him in a way that his tail is the kettle’s handle.


Still experimenting around with the idea of a father’s figure… And somehow I decided to put Darth Vader’s head (replaced with a smiling skull face) over Peter Griffin’s body while holding up a cup of coffee……

Let’s just move on


I made a skull as a cup filled with coffee. But meh, it looks a little too creepy (despite the dark humour in the quote), and did not convey the meaning of ‘father’ and ‘circle of life’.


Decided to re-use the smiling skull face with a Darth Vader helmet because it look.. kinda cute? hahaha. I thought of placing it in a coffee shop logo, and changed the shop logo/established date to, well, the date of death of the father?


Again, I wanted to really show off the phrase ‘circle of life’ in my design, so I went back to linking The Lion King into my thinking process. Therefore, I’ve recreated the famous scene from The Lion King where Rafiki holds up Simba in the air, but instead I had replaced it with a coffee kettle holding up a coffee cup with the aroma smoke. And a flower at the back to represent a dead parent figure. But it looks so ridiculous so never mind, hahaha.


“That was Shakespeare, ever heard of him?” “Yes I’ve heard of him. He’s a famous pirate.”

I had a lot of fun recreating this quote because I got to play between the themes of ‘pirates’ and ‘classical plays’.


When I think of Shakespeare, I immediately thought of theatre plays, so I decided to use the theatrical masks as the main focus of the design. I also added pirate hats and an eyepatch. I was  inspired by the skull & crossbones pirate flag, so I replaced the bones with a sword and a quilt pen to symbolise the interaction between writers and pirates.

It still looked pretty plain so I stacked Shakespeare’s handwritten notes to form ocean waves (pirates) and added doubloons (18th century) on the top to balance out the design.

I placed a coffee cup in one of the pirate’s hat to hint the other aspects of the movie.


Why not be super direct? Here’s shakespeare as a pirate with his big hat and eyepatch. I also added the ‘words’ waves in the background.


So, shakeSPEARE. Hence, I build different elements around a spear by adding a sword and a quilt pen on each side. I added some curve lines in the middle to show a shaking motion so that it looks like the spear is shaking (forgive the pun). I also added a skull where the spear pierces through it since Shakespeare is famous for his tragedies – clearly, he likes to talk about the topic of death, and since skulls represents pirates too. In case you’re wondering what are the wings like looking things beside the sword and the quilt pen, those are Shakespeare’s tuffs of hair at the side of his head………

Also I included his moustache at the skull. So the overall piece will would like a human head shape, or more specifically, Shakespeare’s.


For the last quote, it’s “The suit is a modern gentleman’s armour.” from the Kingsman.

I only had one design for this quote as I was pretty satisfied with what I came up with.


When I think of ‘modern armour’, I thought of what are the coolest famous superheroes of this time. Therefore I overlaid the blueprint of the Ironman’s suit over a suit. I positioned the umbrellas similar to Deadpool’s style (the umbrellas are the iconic weapons used in Kingsman). I also added fireworks in the background as the scene where the people’s heads exploded was the climax of the movie when Eggsy gets to demonstrated his combat skills as a Kingsman agent (knight)


Check out the next post for my finalised designs!


SPACE WADDLERS: Journey to the Fluff

Project 1B required us to present a story in 5 images with the characters that we created. I wanted my story to be light-hearted so I came to a conclusion that I should plot my story as a cartoon episode structure!

Thus I drew out all of my characters in 2D style although I photoshopped them to look realistic in the first place.

Another reason is because I’m simply too lazy to edit my characters in a ‘realistic’ way; it will be really difficult to find the right poses for my characters and they would not be able to convey expressions/emotions well. Also, all the backgrounds were also sourced from different cartoons.


(Please bear with the cringe-worthy punny/childish names)

This is an episode of Space Waddlers where the trio go off on a journey to help Fluffball save his parents from the evil monster – Leekuid!


The episode starts off with the space waddlers chilling as usual, when they were interrupted by Fluffball’s (dramatic) arrival.

Fluffball explained to them that his parents were abducted by Leekuid, an evil spring onion-squid hybrid monster. As his parents were too gentle, they dare not fight back. Therefore, Fluffball had to seek help in rescuing his parents. He managed to secretly escape from Leekuid as his parents got caught.

After much pleading from Fluffball, the trio decided to help him and they went on a journey back to the Dragon Castle.


Meanwhile, Leekuid was still gloating over his successful victory of capturing the Pompom Dragons. Fluffball’s parents were crying because they thought that they had lost Fluffball forever. And partly because the spring onion leaves used to wrap around them were really stinky hmm.scene-4Luckily for them, the Space Waddlers got to the scene before the Pompom Dragon passed out from the smelliness of the leek. Mr Lizart transformed into Metal mode and used his Rock’N’Roll sound waves to paralyse Leekuid. Bo used his cactus thorns, sending a flood of spikes to attack Leekuid and also shredding the spring onion leaves that were wrapped around Fluffball’s parents. For the final move, Kyary used her psychic powers to send him flying off into space.


Leekuid was defeated and the episode ends off with a happy ending! The Pompom Dragon family was reunited and they celebrated with a mini dance party (ft. rare appearance of the Rainbow Cat)


4D Project 1B – waddle waddle


So for this week’s assignment, we were suppose to create 3 characters. The characters ended up looking kind of whimsical, so I decided to include all of them in my movie hahaha.

Although I was really rushed, it was a lot of fun playing around and I still tried to put in my best efforts into creating these characters! I know that if I am to produce a movie/show, I wanted it to be light-hearted and comical, which is why I tried to make my characters look as amusing and playful as possible.

For my movie plot, I am still unsure of the whole storyline, but generally, the three friends will embark on an adventure together with an objective (will be decided later). They must work with each other’s differences; or use it to their advantage, and eventually defeat the bad guys and obtain their objective! This sounds like an episode from adventure time/bravest warriors/steven universe/bee and puppycat… BUT I WILL THINK OF AN INTERESTING STORYLINE, YEAH!

-I was channelling kyary pamyu pamyu’s essence into my works-

poster - kyary the duck girl

This is my main character whose name I still have not decided on…

But basically, her character is someone who spaces out and daydreams a lot. Which is why I made her hair as clouds and inserted some outer space elements to show that trait. I also edited her body as a rubber ducky as they float on water, so.. It is to show that she just live her life in a very carefree and optimistic manner, just floating around~


The second character is Bo the flower fox. I just thought that it will be cute if I edited away a fox’s body parts and replaced it with flowers. I think I am going to develop this character as someone who is soft-spoken and gets scared easily, but is also brave to help anyone in need and try to defeat challenges. He is also loyal and kind. Which is why I named him as Bo, the short form of Botan, the Japanese name for Peony, which means ‘Bravery’ in the language of flowers.


The last character is Mr Lizart! He is a gentleman who deeply love music, and carries his cello everywhere with him. Therefore in his name, the letter ‘d’ from ‘lizard’ is replaced with the letter ‘t’ so that it reminds people of Mozart, get it? HAHAHA. I thought it was really funny and smart so.. *coughs* He can play different kinds of genres on his cello, but he mostly prefers metal rock music (don’t judge a classy person on their appearance)

Please do look forward to my work’s progress haha