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4D Project 3: Magicleaner


Sammi is more than your average delusional fangirl. One day, she notices a new mysterious cleaner in her school. It appears that the cleaner has some sort of special skill… What will happen when Sammi decides to find out more?


The 6 lines for my group are:

  • What should I do
  • Time is ticking
  • It stinks
  • Maybe
  • What
  • You can try


To be honest, I was quite stumped by our lines because they are so vague I don’t really know how to work my way around them. It was a pretty stressful time as everyone was already filming but I still had not came up with a storyline. I was also even more stressed out because I don’t know what genre should I tackle on.

After many days of having a mental breakdown, I set myself down and thought to myself:

“ok, what is your brand?”

I realised I should not get too serious because I will start to overthink and doubt the quality/creativity of my work. (not that my works are sloppy and I don’t put in effort)

Since I usually present things in a casual/light-hearted tone, SLAPSTICK IS THE WAY TO GO! yeah!

Hahaha, and to make things more interesting, I wanted to add in some fantasy/magical elements. And who doesn’t like a twist in the ending? Hope you enjoy the film!



For this assignment, we were given the task of doing a stop motion animation. The only requirement was that the first and last frame has to be a shot of us sleeping, so the theme was practically open for interpretation!

So I was watching cooking tutorials as usual (my form of entertainment), still unsure of what I should do and then, it suddenly hit me:


When I started to link the different cooking process together, I was SUPER excited that my idea could actually work!!!

(Thus I did not procrastinate till the last minute to do it hahaha)

I wanted my props to have 2D feel, as I wanted my animation to feel cartoonish, conveying it in a light-hearted manner since the idea is so quirky anyway. All of it were made using paper (except for the aluminium foil).

I also added sound effects, both the ‘action’ types and the ‘commentary’ type so that the prepping/cooking process will sound as realistic as possible and that the animation will be even more comical haha.


So basically, I’m a piece of meat and the animation shows the prepping and cooking process of making a steak.

It started off with the meat being rested to room temperature, thus the wavy blue lines to represent the cold air emitting from the meat.

It then got transferred to the (wooden) chopping block where seasonings (salt & pepper) and herbs (rosemary) were being added.

Then on a hot pan, the meat was being cooked. Butter was added, and the steak was being seared on all sides. I changed my clothes several times to indicate the colour change in the steak as it was being cooked.

After it was done, the meat is wrapped with aluminium foil to rest so that the meat will not be dry.

And ta-dahhhh! A perfect medium rare steak! (lmao)


Check out the animation video below!


SPACE WADDLERS: Journey to the Fluff

Project 1B required us to present a story in 5 images with the characters that we created. I wanted my story to be light-hearted so I came to a conclusion that I should plot my story as a cartoon episode structure!

Thus I drew out all of my characters in 2D style although I photoshopped them to look realistic in the first place.

Another reason is because I’m simply too lazy to edit my characters in a ‘realistic’ way; it will be really difficult to find the right poses for my characters and they would not be able to convey expressions/emotions well. Also, all the backgrounds were also sourced from different cartoons.


(Please bear with the cringe-worthy punny/childish names)

This is an episode of Space Waddlers where the trio go off on a journey to help Fluffball save his parents from the evil monster – Leekuid!


The episode starts off with the space waddlers chilling as usual, when they were interrupted by Fluffball’s (dramatic) arrival.

Fluffball explained to them that his parents were abducted by Leekuid, an evil spring onion-squid hybrid monster. As his parents were too gentle, they dare not fight back. Therefore, Fluffball had to seek help in rescuing his parents. He managed to secretly escape from Leekuid as his parents got caught.

After much pleading from Fluffball, the trio decided to help him and they went on a journey back to the Dragon Castle.


Meanwhile, Leekuid was still gloating over his successful victory of capturing the Pompom Dragons. Fluffball’s parents were crying because they thought that they had lost Fluffball forever. And partly because the spring onion leaves used to wrap around them were really stinky hmm.scene-4Luckily for them, the Space Waddlers got to the scene before the Pompom Dragon passed out from the smelliness of the leek. Mr Lizart transformed into Metal mode and used his Rock’N’Roll sound waves to paralyse Leekuid. Bo used his cactus thorns, sending a flood of spikes to attack Leekuid and also shredding the spring onion leaves that were wrapped around Fluffball’s parents. For the final move, Kyary used her psychic powers to send him flying off into space.


Leekuid was defeated and the episode ends off with a happy ending! The Pompom Dragon family was reunited and they celebrated with a mini dance party (ft. rare appearance of the Rainbow Cat)