DP3006 Documentary Photo Project 2- Reflection

Back for the second update of DP3006’s Documentary Photo Project 2!

This time round we were told to pick a second round of documentary photographers and how they would inspire us for the second half of our project. Of course, we were given the privilege to decide whether or not we wanted to co continue with Project 1 or to start on a totally new project.

After the first critique for Project 1, I was pretty hesitant to continue working on documenting “Our Generation” because I couldn’t strike the balance between such a conceptualised and abstract body of work to documentary photography. Also, during the critique some of my batchmates did bring up very valid and relevant points, of how it might seem too biased with the conceptualising part no doubt the statements represented the truth.

I was feeling pretty agonised because a huge part of me wanted to challenge myself by keeping the traditional way of documentary, and just directly photographing the rawness of what was happening, at that point in time. This accompanied with my near-death experience at the Old Choa Chu Kang cemetery where the thunderstorm was SO HUGE my entire family were bracing our lives against the strong wind and heavy rain. Funny thing was, I was pretty ready to *touch wood* die, and also, I felt worried that at that moment when everything happened there was nothing outside of my family anchoring me in life. So I started to panic and wondered if I was even meant to be doing what I was doing – majoring in photography. I then decided to go all the way back to my roots, to something I used to do when I was young – visit the wet market.

Surprisingly enough, it was such a joy to document Project 2, which is the preservation of wet markets as a vital part of our grassroots culture in Singapore. It was a lovely trip down to the Bukit Batok wet market, as I made a trip down in casual attire – tshirt and fbt shorts – with nothing but my phone, keys and my disposable camera. HAHA. The moment I stepped into the wet market there was already a vendor who started asking me what I was doing there that early, etc. While having short casual conversations with the people there, I tried my best to take note of the things they said so I could quote them if i ever needed (thank god I did that).

I think the best part about this project, was honestly the connection I felt when I was there. A warmth I received from the vendors even though they didn’t know me and vice versa. Also, hearing what they have to say about how the wet market is slowly dying out, it made me realise that when the society strives to keep up with technology and convenience, there is indeed something that is sacrificed and exchanged for that.

I still don’t know if the wet markets will be something that Singaporeans will try to preserve in the future. However, I am thankful I got the chance this time round to experience what I experienced, and if working on this small documentary project can help change the mind of one person, that’s more than enough for me. ūüôā

Thank you for reading! x


DP3006 Documentary Photo Project 1 – Reflection

I can’t believe we’re at the end of this module and I’d like to say we’ve all come such a long way since week 1!?

Embarking on DP3006 we were told to come up with three issues – personal, local and global – and to discuss these issues and brainstorm possible documentary photography concepts to work on. I raised up the issue of emotional intelligence for my personal issue. I’ve always been someone who’s more emotional than logical, I feel mostly with my heart instead of thinking with my head and often, make reckless (also the best) decisions based on my gut feelings and intuition. More than anything I’ve always wondered why people would always encourage others to “think positive” and “have positive thoughts”, to the point where it becomes ironic? In the sense, since when do people need to try so hard to be happy? Where does that leave the negative emotions like sadness and anger? Where do these emotions go and just because they are “negative”, does this mean people should ignore them and not validate them?

My local issue then revolved around the idea of manipulation of content on social media. Often, what we see on social media does not reflect the realness of our lives, because we have all became such social creatures we feel the need to validate our existence through our followings and likes. The widely increased use of social media has become a tool for humans to subconsciously manipulate the tool for other purposes, which eventually led to the increase in mental illness among youths. My global issue then naturally led to the increase in mental illnesses in today’s world. I’ve learnt in another elective module I took last semester – Mental Health: R U OK? – that even the smallest issue can be regarded as a mental illness. A mental illness does not necessarily only refer to the serious ones like depression or schizophrenia. Even problems like OCD and narcissism counts, and the only way to deal with it is to open the idea of mental illness to people so that more people can be acceptive of it and see of it as an issue POSSIBLE to tackle instead of a problem that’s hard to overcome.


For project 1 I wanted to document Our Generation – tackling local issue. The aim of my project was to create a series of work that reflects the good, the bad and the ugly of our generation – the millennials. Hence, after consultations with Meridel, we agreed that I could try documenting like-minded people. The idea of it would be to ask them “Our Generation is ______” and to get them to fill in the blanks, and so I would conceptualise something based on their word. PS apologise for the bad quality over here because the uploading has a limitation so my images might appear pixelated.

“Our Generation is losted.

“Our Generation needs validation.

“Our Generation is anxious.

“Our Generation is complex, unique and unlike any others.

I really enjoyed shooting for this project even though many times it challenged my perspectives towards what documentary photography is. If there was any way a person could conceptualise a documentary photography project without projecting too much of his/her biased opinions and therefore, overthrowing the essence of documentary-styled photography, to just present the truth.

I will continue the process of Project 2 in the following post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this!

Have a lovely week ahead! x

Chapter 1: Utopia Within


Image result for attack on titan house

Torn and destructed, Ginza was left in ruins, with destructed buildings and farmlands everywhere. Despite its dystopian state, Hiraeth has been constructed with top-notch facilities, offering satisfactory life for the people living there such that one would consider the city to uphold the conception of utopia.

Other than people who are involved in military affairs – Soldiers & Governors – a big mass consisting of mostly females thrive on simple daily routines to support a household. Monetary subsidies are often offered as incentives to serve as political promises to uphold the ideal utopian state of Hiraeth.

However, that is now a thing of the past.

Image result for attack on titan invasion

Without any warning, Titans broke down the walls of Hiraeth, causing chaos to ensue within the outer coast of the city. Soldiers are always instructed to be on standby, in case of emergencies which will require them to launch an attack and fight to save their people. Hence, before the titans could invade the houses and architectures of Hiraeth, soldiers started launching firebombs at these human-eating creatures in hope they can take and win the battle.

Yet, due to the size of these monsters, it was impossible to shoot down each and every one of them considering the situation that the soldiers are starting to be outnumbered.



Thousands of thoughts ran wild in Magnus’s head as he witnessed and realised what was going on in front of him. The once peaceful and quiet city has now transformed into what seemed like hell. As he stood rooted to the ground with hands positioned to launch a firebomb, he heard cries coming from beside him.

“Noooooooooo! Put me down! Please don’t eat me!”

Shocked at what he just heard, Magnus slowly turned his head to see his fellow mate get picked up by one of the titans. Despite the amount of desperate pleas, it took zero hesitation for the baby titan to consume him.

Image result for baby titan live action

Soldiers started retreating and ran away to save themselves instead of staying on to fight the titans for that seemed impossible. Just then, Magnus thought of his closest friend, James, who is working as a helper at the nearest shelter, preparing and serving food to soldiers.

He knew he needed to save him.

What will you do? Run to find him immediately or turn back to grab weapons for James?


Completely oblivious to the invasion of the titans, James was busy with his usual duties, preparing food for the soldiers who were about to commence their next duty. He thought about Magnus, his best friend whom he meets for dinner every night without fail.

James started wondering about how different life would be if he hadn’t contract a rare respiratory disease which couldn’t require him to commit excessive workouts such as running or exercising. This is why he was exempted from military services a the age of 18.

Just then, he heard loud firing noises coming from the North of Hiraeth, causing him to stop what he was doing to check out what was happening. There, he started seeing huge human forms staggering, slowly approaching the center of the city. He knew that something is not right, and he needs to ensure Magnus is alive.

Yet, he is aware of his medical condition and knows that it’s rather impossible for him to make it far by running, much less being unaware of Magnus’s location.

What will you do?

Lore 2 – Hiraeth (Fashion)

Citizens of Hiraeth are never a fan of fanciful nor brightly coloured attires. For the past seven years since they’ve moved and gotten accustomed to the simplistic lifestyle in the city, people usually dress themselves in dull-coloured casual wear to get past their daily routines. Due to the utopian-like state of the city, many of most of the women do not hold a job, only upholding their responsibilities as housewives of the family to take care of the household.

On the other hand, it’s particularly those involved in the military affairs of the state that are dressed in uniforms with special equipments attached to prepare them for a launch. On top of that, soldiers re required to wear an olive coat,with an eagle symbol which represents their army.

Only, no one expected the invasion to happen this soon.

Lore 1 – Hiraeth

Genre: Speculative Fiction (Post Apocalyptic)
Place: Ginza
City: Hiraeth

Yr. 2116

dystopia 4

Destruction. Chaos. Despair. That’s what Ginza looks like. What appeared to be Tokyo’s famous shopping district is now a thing of the past. The once well-furnished buildings, top notch retail outlets and nicely constructed traffic system have now turned into a weary state, ever since the widespread of the destructive plague which spread over Japan in 2111.

The plague, which started out as a deadly virus started spreading from a deserted medical laboratory down the coast. With little or no clue to trace the actual source of the disease, researchers only established the effect of the virus 18 hours after infection spreads within a person’s body. This results in the transformation of ordinary humans into human-eating humanoids, these relentless creatures otherwise known as Titans.


In the middle of the dysfunctional state lies Hiraeth, a small city along the countryside of Ginza where non-infected citizens reside. In order to prevent the extermination of the human race, governors and high-ranking officials of Hiraeth came up with a plan to devise the copulation of the human race. Enormous sound-proof walls that goes up to 25 metres were built around the city to prevent the invasion of the Titans, for it would mean chaos and death for most of them.

Governors maintained peace in Hiraeth, where contented citizens lead their ordinary lives for close to 7 years. Until one day, a Titan broke in and destructed the huge walls.


Now, humans no longer rule the world. Titans do.

Skill Set (Intelligence, Strength, Agility = 8 points)
Character’s Occupation (Normal Citizen/Soldier/Governor)

Foundation 2D Project 1 – Research

Holla! For our very first typography assignment, I’ve researched on various reference artists¬†for which I can refer to for inspiration.

Out of the reference artists that Joy recommended, I admire Stefan Sagmeister the most because of the way he value his role as a designer and a typographer. Having worked on a few editorial spread designs and researched on what makes a good typography effective, I’ve discovered a certain typographic style that appeals to me. I find a typographer successful when the text not only appeals to viewer, but it also interacts and gets people thinking.

What’s more, Stefan Sagmeister promotes the idea of cultivating happiness through designing, which inspires me in different ways because I’ve always been a believer of prioritising happiness. It is so important to cultivate gratitude as well as to appreciate the small little things in life. Especially so as an artist, when everything is so subjective, what will then be the common factor that will have the effect of evoking a certain emotion in your viewers?

He talked about Happiness by Design on TED, you guys can check it out below! ūüôā

Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.35.12 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.35.38 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.35.59 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.36.23


Large-scale typography is another thing that inspires me simply because of how awe-inspiring it can feel to witness typography at unexpected places. Rather than in common mediums like offline or online media, I admire how this style of typography encourages designers/typographers to work out of their comfort zone, pushing boundaries to offer visuals for everyday people.

Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.36.33 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.36.50 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.36.59


Below are a few reference artists I researched about, all of which typographic style varies. For both Mcleod and Studio Airport, I was inspired by the way they place their text and how nicely the colours complemented each other to appeal to the public. This I feel is also extremely crucial to effective typography.

Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.37.15 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.37.23

Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.37.33 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.37.45


Clason is a lettering artist who engages in both food and floral typography. Once again, it’s interesting to see how she explored the medium she’s most comfortable in to incorporate the value of text to send a message. Her work’s are sooooo incredible and unique please check out more of her works here!

I apologise for the spelling error in the slide below. Its Becca Clason!

Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.37.56


For the artists below, they are focused on sending a direct message, aimed to engage and interact with the public for a communication that goes both ways. These type of typography works are usually designed by designers for advertising purposes.

Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.38.17 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.38.27 Screenshot 2016-01-25 08.38.37


For the next post, I’ll be updating on the 6 attributes of myself which I’ll be showcasing in Project 1, as well as typographic styles I can incorporate into my works.

That’s all that I have, thank you for reading! x

Foundation 2D Project 3 – Ego “Money & Dreams”

Hola everyone!! I’m back this time with my final update on what went on for our final project, Ego! Once again, I’m super glad everything worked out and the¬†fulfilment level I got out of this assignment is needless to say, very extremely satisfied. No matter how the outcome turns out, at least we all know we did our best, so no regrets!

I also apologise for the lack of updates for my projects because I’m still having a relatively hard time growing accustomed to documenting my planning process or the progress of my projects. Bear with me, I promise I’ll try my best to document and update this space with more of my creative works in the future (also excited to share some collab works I’ll be working on with my friends during the holidayssss!¬†whooooop!!)

Just a lil update on what the theme of Project 3 is, “Money & Dreams” is created along the line of the pursuit¬†of dreams, with the interference (or not) of money. I wanted to explore what money meant to me, considering how it does play a huge part in determining whether people continue to pursue¬†their passion and dreams.¬†

Basing off this concept and the colour theory (complimentary colours) I mentioned in my previous post, the next step¬†would be to determine what ‘skeleton’ or body I want to use such that all four equations add up to form a big picture. I did have a hard time¬†trying to come up with an idea to encompass all 12 compositions. It didn’t make sense what I should design or work with, until the day I was looking¬†through my portfolio¬†and realised I have quite a bit of editorial design works, from internship with HYPE Magazine a year back and also another an Interactive iPad Magazine, Gray, I worked on for my FYP in Mass Communications Content Design module.

Yep, so a publication it is!!! 

Research + Artists’ Reference (Instagram)

1. Gadis Nadia @gadisnadia

 Screenshot 2015-11-22 15.16.20 Screenshot 2015-11-22 15.16.05Screenshot 2015-11-22 15.16.45

Gadis is a design student from Indonesia who does colourful paint strokes on fashion editorial spread. I thought it was an interesting way to incorporate offline mediums onto digital, which in a way enhances the overall look and feel of the photograph.

Please feel free to check her Instagram account out and give her the support she deserves!!!


2. Ron Lin @ronlinrw

Screenshot 2015-11-22 15.25.42 Screenshot 2015-11-22 15.25.10

Ron Lin is a Visual Storyteller based in Singapore. I’m pretty sure you’re as¬†mindblown as I am when I first chanced onto his Instagram because who knew one could push boundaries and explore the full potential of what an insta feed can do to portray an overall identity for the user. HIS FEED IS GOALS! LITERALLY!

Working On Compositions

Referencing from some of my¬†favourite magazines –¬†Kinfolk, i-D, NYLON,¬†and¬†Encounters¬†(Local Editorial Publication), I started working on the twelve compositions, giving specific¬†housestyles to each equation.¬†


Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_01 Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_02 Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_03


1 (As a person, you can have a dream) – 0 (Even you have no money) = 1 (You’re still a whole)

Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_04 Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_05 Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_06


Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_07

Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_08 Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_09


For this equation, I first printed out the framework before adding an extra 3D element (denim strips) into the box.

Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_10 Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_11 Money & Dreams FINAL_1_Page_12

And this is the final work! I apologise for the low resolution!

FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-8

That’s all I have! Before I end this post, I want to commend every single one of my classmates for the amazing¬†project they presented. Everyone presented themselves in their own unique ways and that did make the entire critique process extremely engaging and fun. Great job everyone!!


Thank you for sparing time to read! Comments are very very welcomed and critics as well! Feel free to voice out how you feel I can improve on my works. I’d appreciate that very much! ūüôā Bye!


P/S What coincidental timing!!!! Just as I’m working on this project to inspire others to pursue their dreams, Gadis Nadia just contacted me for a small collaboration work on Instagram!!!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THE UNIVERSE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? AND WHAT’S BETTER, it’s also a project to collate people’s dreams in order to encourage others in their pursuit of passion and dreams!?!?!? HAHA too happy right now! Nothing much I can ask for! heh.

Foundation 2D Project 3 – Ego (Update)

Aloha everyone!I’m back with more updates for our third project, “Ego”.

So I’ve carefully thought and planned out what my concept for this project will be and I’m SO stoked to show what I’ve got this Thursday, of course to see what beautiful works everyone else has to present as well!


First off, I branched out “What separates us as individuals? What makes each of us unique in our own ways?”, and I had 3¬†answers for myself.

1. We constantly discover the good and bad traits of ourselves, and honestly, will we trade them for anything? 

For me no of course, our flaws are precisely what makes us us.

2. The various values and beliefs we strongly believe in.

Things like “What Goes Around, Comes Around”, and “Do What You Love, and Money Will Follow”, and “You’re Only Rich If You Have¬†Things That Money Cannot Buy” and finally, “The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything, You Owe The World Something”. These are mine, and I always remind myself these quotes to make sure I don’t stray. Also, because of this, it affects the way each of us react and respond to different things and scenarios. It’s interesting to find out why some people behave or react in a certain way and why others produces thoughts that differ from the norm.¬†

3. Secret that we hide.

We all have little things we are secretly drawn to, believe it or not. For me, it’s gotta be neon lights and korean hiphop music. SO MUCH LOVE.

With the help of activities 1&2 as mentioned in my first update on Project 3, I realised that I’m an¬†extremely dream-oriented person. I do have dreams that I’m in the midst of pursuing and I strongly believe that everyone of us are put onto this universe to find out what our “calling” is and to chase after it. After which everything will fall into place. It’s literally like a dream. Follow your heart and you’ll¬†fulfil your dreams. As of such, I came up with a title for Project 3, going along the line of something cool and hiphop-ish (lol), “Money & Dreams”.



“Money” because it’s an asset that makes the world go round, yet it’s¬†something I can never fathom because money comes and goes. It becomes complicating then because I may hold ideas of what “Money” means to me, yet I can’t properly define it because it does get us what we want and what we need. It is definitely important, but¬†only to a certain extent. ¬†

Hence, my sole purpose through Project 3 will really be to (hopefully) inspire all of you by presenting attributes or values of myself through “Money & Dreams”.

I’ve discussed my concept with Joy and agreed that “Money” and “Dreams” will be the two main factors of all 4 equations. Here’s a rough idea of how my equations will be presented using these two elements.¬†


Following, I’ll be expanding on the colour theory that I’ll be using:¬†Complimentary Colours.

After exploring the 5 different¬†color theories I could work¬†with for this project, I wanted to use¬†colours that would represent both “Money” and “Dreams”. Colours, are¬†after all, visual representatives and people subconsciously associate¬†colors with the daily objects they come in contact with.¬†

Naturally, I settled with Yellow & Blue because:

Yellow (associated with gold) = Gold/Money

Blue (associated with sky/clouds) = Dreams

While searching for inspiration, I came across this poster which intrigued me.


“There is no blue without yellow & orange”

After which I did more research on what this film was about, and what relevance can I tie in with Project 3. ¬†From what I gathered, this is a famous quote by the all-time famous artist, Van Gogh, and what he meant when he said this was simply to describe nature’s relationship between the sky, sand and soil. What I then interpret is the coexistence of subjects in different areas, say what we presented in Project 1 – emotions. There’s no blue without yellow can also be used to describe how there’s no joy without sadness.

That’s all I have for Project 3’s updates, I’ll be updating this space next with works by reference artists I’ll be referencing from.¬†

Thank you for reading! ūüôā


Foundation 4D Trailer – Shutter Count

Foundation 4D Trailer

Shutter Count


Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi

Team: Brenda Lee, Devanshi Seth, Lim Pei Yi, Xu Weilin Clara


(Hansel & Gretel)


Modern day issue

Parents’ horrible treatment can leave a traumatic imprint on their children.


Dad is an engineer who hardly stays at home, step-mom ill-treats the pair of siblings. One day, they decided to run away from home! Step-mom possess a vintage camera that has the ability to foresee the future and change the life of those people. She uses the camera to secretly capture teenagers because she doesn’t want them to have a happy ending. While running away, they tried to look for the camera, and finds out a secret room with many polaroids of children. They slowly find out the evil intention of their step-mom, and tries to stop her.