[4D] Thinking Sequentially – Impossibilities of Being


I wanted to do something fun with the Halloween theme since it’s Halloween anyway! I got Jay to help me shoot while I directed. (Thanks Jay!) We shot this outdoors so I had to colour grade it to a night lighting.

The props were also photoshopped in for every frame. It was difficult to have the props look convincing in every frame as we didn’t use a tripod so all the frames are pretty shaky. I had to scroll back and forth to check if the props look grounded. The face of the pumpkin as well as the fight sequence effects are also drawn in.

Some physical difficulties were being that the ground was actually uphill and I was wearing shoes with heels, so I couldn’t use my initial jumping idea. Even the walking scene was pretty difficult because of the ground. Also, the location was hot and full of insects. It was gross but I quite like the result so I guess it was worth it haha!

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