[FORM AND VISUALISATION] Project 1 – Drawing Machine

We were tasked to make a drawing machine, then to draw the drawing machine. (Nice, Peter.)

I wanted to make a harmonograph using the motion of walking, and a ball dipped in ink. By using this method, I could record a drawing of my walking path from the ADM bus stop to the 3D room. It is a path I take every Thursday, so I wanted to map out the path through a drawing. I decided to wear it on my head such that I would not be able to look at it just in case of any biasness. This will result in the drawing being totally authentic.


I originally wanted to use a circular box, but it was too small so I ended up changing it.

I also wanted to try using a pendulum instead of a ball as the ball runs out of ink really quickly. However, the pendulum defeats the purpose of my project as I wanted to map out a path.

I ended up having to make a bigger box to contain my drawing.

I also texted different types of balls to see what kind of drawing it would end up creating. (Different size/texture/weight)

Photos of tests and preparations!


Walking with this drawing machine on my head was hella embarrassing but was fun to see people laughing in bewilderment too.

These are the videos of the me walking from the ADM Bus stop to the 3D room with the drawing machine!!!

DRAWINGS (machine):


How it’d look like with the drawing laid on top:

I did this by rubbing a graphite pencil on a butter paper laid on top of my hat.

I had fun with this project! I think it’s cool to have a wearable drawing machine instead of just a normal one that you lay on a table. I think the drawings that came out look really interesting too with the frame/border around the large rectangular drawing space. This could only be achieved with the use of a ball (with ink) as the drawing medium. If I could further improve this project, I would make it such that it is stable enough that I don’t have to hold the hat down as I walked!

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