[FORM AND VISUALISATION] Project 1 – Drawing Machine

We were tasked to make a drawing machine, then to draw the drawing machine. (Nice, Peter.) IDEA: I wanted to make a harmonograph using the motion of walking, and a ball dipped in ink. By using this method, I could record a drawing of my walking path from the ADM bus stop to the 3D room. It is a path… Read more →

[4D] Meaningful Exchange – Task 2 (FINAL)

Title: Lend Me A Hand This performance piece is about the communication between our limbs and brain and how we don’t seem to notice and appreciate what our bodies do for us on auto pilot. Things such as being able to receive information quickly from the brain to our body parts. This is an example of what it might be… Read more →

[DRAWING] Final Assignment

My goals for this project were to firstly, create a believable drawing with a composition which showcases perspective planes well, and also to achieve success with tonal value control. I went to coffee bean at Plaza Singapura to draw as I liked that cafe. It was indoors so it’s air conditioned, but it was located at a place where there… Read more →

[4D] Meaningful Exchange – Task 1 Research

1. The Artist is Present – Marina Abramovic “In 2010 at MoMA, Abramović engaged in an extended performance called, The Artist Is Present. The work was inspired by her belief that stretching the length of a performance beyond expectations serves to alter our perception of time and foster a deeper engagement in the experience. Seated silently at a wooden table across… Read more →

[4D] Thinking Sequentially – Impossibilities of Being

  I wanted to do something fun with the Halloween theme since it’s Halloween anyway! I got Jay to help me shoot while I directed. (Thanks Jay!) We shot this outdoors so I had to colour grade it to a night lighting. The props were also photoshopped in for every frame. It was difficult to have the props look convincing… Read more →

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