[4D] Project 1B: Paradox, Framing & Juxtaposition


For the first image, I wanted to show a scary, gory yet magical world. I played around a lot with the colours as well to make it more otherworldly. When I first see the creatures, my first reaction is to be frightened and run away. I scaled up Albert so make him look domineering and colossal, and to give a sense of powerlessness to those around him. I also made Ekon fairly large, but not as extreme as Albert. As for Mabel, I shrunk her to give her a more petite presence and dainty feeling just like a butterfly. As for the distinctively local elements in the background, I chose 3, each assigned to the main theme of my 3 characters. Flowers (from Gardens by the Bay) for Mabel, A Haw Par Villa structure for Ekon, and MBS for Albert. I chose a starry, colourful night sky for the background to give the entire piece a more magical feeling instead of just scary. I also added some glitch to represent that this isn’t the normal world.

For the second image, it is a continuation of the first, where I realise that the creatures are not that scary after all and they are actually really friendly. They are taking me to tour around their world as I look on in wonder and amazement. In this composition, I am interacting more with my characters as we are all in the same space and it is easier to judge their scale, by comparing them to me (normal sized)


First, I decided on how big or small I wanted my characters to be. Then I tried to look up on iconic places in Singapore that I can use in my compositions. I saved a lot of images and tried a few different placements for different local elements. It got too time consuming to mask all the possible elements I can use on photoshop, so I resorted to sketching out some compositions instead, which made my idealization process much easier.

I proceeded to come up with a few different ways I can incorporate myself into the image, so I got the help of a friend to take a few photos and videos of me so that I can compare them later on.

I then edited everything in photoshop and adusted the colour and temperatures to further enhance the magical kind of world that I wanted to portray.


I had a hard time deciding which elements of Singapore I should add into my piece as there are so many distinctive local elements which were suitable. I only managed to narrow them down when I thought about how they would fit/ match with my characters. I also had to add some shadows manually to make the final image look more believable.


My favourite part was actually playing around with the colours and value of my collage. It was fun to see how different tones can highly affect the mood of the piece.


I think my pose in the first image could have been better. I should have ran to the left instead of to the right.
I also could have used a slightly more colourful and interesting image of MBS at night as the current one looks a bit too dull.

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