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[3D] Conceptual Container

We were tasked to create a conceptual container where our client gets to decide what it should contain. My Client: Lisa What she requested: She wanted a “really cool pencil case” where there’s lots of compartments to keep and separate her coloured pens, decorative pens, coloured markers and highlighters. My take on the request:¬†Instead of giving her what she wants,… Read more →

[3D] Shadow Box (Memory)

Create a shadow box that represents an abstract idea from your object story based on a memory. My object: Old glasses My concept:¬† I’ve had myopia ever since kindergarten and it was a huge deal back then as not many kids wore glasses. I was bullied for wearing them and even adults kept telling me that I’ll be blind when… Read more →

[3D] String and Plastic Sculpture

DOTS, LINES and PLANES Using a plane (a sheet of plastic) and some string, create a sculpture that looks interesting from all angles. Using dots, we can form lines by connecting them. (With string) These line will in turn, create planes. (Implied) Process:¬† I played around with drawing dots and lines on a paper first, and sewing from there. After… Read more →

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