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[DRAWING] In-class Figure Drawing and Still Life

20 mins for each drawing It’s week 10 and we revisited still life today to see how much we’ve progressed from week 1. I think I did made some visible improvement and I’m quite glad! However, I still can’t get my drawings to look just right. I have to pay more attention to how I draw curvilinear forms with lines.… Read more →

[DRAWING] Self Practice

Research: Proko – Structure Basics, George Brigman’s Life Drawing We were told to just draw lots of boxes, but I wanted to practice on anatomy as well after the figure drawing session in class. It gets easier to draw a figure when I imagine them in simple forms and shapes. I plan to study other artists as well, but here… Read more →

[4D] Project 1B: Paradox, Framing & Juxtaposition

IDEA BEHIND MY CREATION For the first image, I wanted to show a scary, gory yet magical world. I played around a lot with the colours as well to make it more otherworldly. When I first see the creatures, my first reaction is to be frightened and run away. I scaled up Albert so make him look domineering and colossal,… Read more →

[4D] Project 1A: Strange Encounter

the strange world  I woke up in a world where magic and sorcery is widely practiced, though there are dangers to the spells cast. Everything is out of the ordinary and even the forms of living beings have been altered due to the use of such powers. My characters, name and attributes Using the idea of “Be careful what you wish… Read more →

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