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[FORM AND VISUALISATION] Project 1 – Drawing Machine

We were tasked to make a drawing machine, then to draw the drawing machine. (Nice, Peter.) IDEA: I wanted to make a harmonograph using the motion of walking, and a ball dipped in ink. By using this method, I could record a drawing of my walking path from the ADM bus stop to the 3D room. It is a path… Read more →

[DRAWING] Final Assignment

My goals for this project were to firstly, create a believable drawing with a composition which showcases perspective planes well, and also to achieve success with tonal value control. I went to coffee bean at Plaza Singapura to draw as I liked that cafe. It was indoors so it’s air conditioned, but it was located at a place where there… Read more →

[DRAWING] In-class Assignment (4 hours)

I regret working on newsprint as It’s hard to get dark values on it. It’s pretty difficult to capture all the elements into a single composition, but I tried to challenge myself. I also came in late because the LRT broke down so I wasn’t in a particularly good mood when I started drawing but I got more into it… Read more →

[DRAWING] Still Life Composition Homework (outlines)

  Reflections: The tape dispenser was extremely hard to draw. Especially the curved part as there is no defined edge. Drawing in the details of the object (prints/barcodes) would add more interest to the piece. I could also have drawn in more of the background instead of doing so in a faint mark. Read more →

[DRAWING] In-class Figure Drawing and Still Life

20 mins for each drawing It’s week 10 and we revisited still life today to see how much we’ve progressed from week 1. I think I did made some visible improvement and I’m quite glad! However, I still can’t get my drawings to look just right. I have to pay more attention to how I draw curvilinear forms with lines.… Read more →

[DRAWING] Mid term assignment

Combine all the skills we’ve been taught throughout the weeks to create a composition using charcoal. Why did you choose to draw what you did? I was walking around my home to look for areas to draw, then I realised how I’ve never paid much attention to my family’s dining table before even though it’s the one area that changes… Read more →

[DRAWING] Self Practice

Research: Proko – Structure Basics, George Brigman’s Life Drawing We were told to just draw lots of boxes, but I wanted to practice on anatomy as well after the figure drawing session in class. It gets easier to draw a figure when I imagine them in simple forms and shapes. I plan to study other artists as well, but here… Read more →

[DRAWING] Composition practices (My room)

Draw 3 compositions of the interior of your apartment on A2 paper.   I did 1 extra composition as I had quite a lot of fun with this! Each composition took around 30 mins to draw. I feel that I could improve more on having higher contrast between tension and release in my compositions as well as taking a step back… Read more →

[DRAWING] 30 Composition Ranking – Thumbnail Sketches

Top 10: 1: 9- I like this composition for its balance between the FG, MG and BG. The chair and cloth in the MG are also visible, but not fighting for attention with the focal points. I like how the ribbon on the box juts out of the silhouette, adding visual interest. Same goes to the flap on the tissue… Read more →

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