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[DRAWING] 30 Composition Ranking – Photos

1. This is my favourite composition as there is balance between the foreground, midground and background. The elements on the chair are also clearly visible from an engaging top-down angle, where we can see details on both the top of the tissue roll and box. The small flap on the tissue roll also creates an additional shape outside of its… Read more →

[DRAWING] Feet sketches, Tracing paper corrections

Homework_2 Feet studies:     I used to dislike drawing feet but now I love it. The demonstration by Jesse in class inspired me a lot and I want to be able to draw like that too. I drew more than 15 because it was enjoyable and I was in a good mood. I still struggle with drawing shoe laces… Read more →

[DRAWING] Still Life Drawing – Charcoal

  HOMEWORK_1 Drawing still life without using lines, but with tones. 10-tone gradation using black and white charcoal (on the left) Materials: Newsprint paper and charcoal I had a lot of fun doing this!! I’ve never tried this method of rendering before and I enjoyed the process a lot. It trained me to see shapes in light and shadow and… Read more →

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