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[VC2] – Task 1B: Exploratory Research – Interviews/Surveys

Task 1A Dialogue with time reflections Task 1B Task 2 Task 3 Task 4     TASK 1B Instead of just focusing on black cats, I decided to broaden my scope and look into the issue with shelter animals in general, and the stigma against them, as some of the issues that black cats face can be applied to other… Read more →

[4D] Meaningful Exchange – Task 1 Research

1. The Artist is Present – Marina Abramovic “In 2010 at MoMA, Abramović engaged in an extended performance called, The Artist Is Present. The work was inspired by her belief that stretching the length of a performance beyond expectations serves to alter our perception of time and foster a deeper engagement in the experience. Seated silently at a wooden table across… Read more →

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