[VC1] Quantum Vocab Part 3 – Invite


运气旋转 (luck on rotation)



Good luck comes and goes. When someone in the world is experiencing good luck, someone else is experiencing bad luck. This is similar to Quantum Entanglement. Chinese superstition believes that luck is always on rotation. Hence the saying: 运气旋转. The ladybug is a symbol of good luck in many cultures. Elements of the Wheel of Fortune surround it, symboling the capricious nature of Fate in Greek Mythology.

Final designs:

front:                                                                                                  back:

score marks are included on the front page in a very faint grey


Paper details:
-Fancy paper (silk textured)

– Caviar Dreams
– MF ZhenSong

Photo documentation:

I included a ladybug sticker inside the invite as a little surprise


Mistakes from test prints: 

  1. the colours were very different from my poster so I had to try different print shops
  2. some parts of the fold juts out as the alignment of the back and front is off
  3. design on the back doesn’t align properly due to it not being a perfect square after cutting

How I fixed them:

  1. Printed at Out De Box at sunshine plaza, which gave me more accurate colours. Experimented with different paper gms too to see which folds the best
  2. made sure the front and back printing is aligned properly before cutting and folding. there will still be some human error so I had to refold if I spot a mistake after finishing.
  3. Made the allowance for the pattern at the back a little bigger to account for printing/folding mistakes

Test prints:



Research & Process:

I started by looking up and researching on the different types of folds. I shortlisted a few that I liked and tried them on a A4 paper just as a mock-up. These are the few that I’ve tried out. Bi-fold with right angle tri-fold (can also be made into a 2 fold), Accordion, Accordion with offset, Gate fold, Pop-up, and the Twist and Fold

I like the Twist and Fold best so far, as my title, 运气旋转 literally means Luck on Rotation, which suits the twist and fold as it rotates when you open it.
However, I have noted some issues with this type of fold.

  1. When open, the front and back do not flip on the same axis. One has to rotate the paper to read the back side of the invite when open.
  2. Folding is complicated and will leave scoring marks on areas without folds if not done professionally.
  3. Layout is slightly limiting due to the complicated nature of the fold.

I doodled a few words/illustrations on the mock-up so I could note where each segment is when unfolded.




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