The New Interface – Anouk Wipprecht

Around five decades ago, Roy Ascott mentioned that

“If the cybernetic spirit constitutes the predominant attitude of the modern era, the computer is the supreme tool that its technology has produced. Used in conjunction with synthetic materials it can be expected to open up paths of radical change and invention in art… The interaction of man and computer in some creative endeavor, involving the heightening of imaginative thought, is to be expected.”

in “Behaviourist Art and the Cybernetic Vision”. Nowadays, numerous artists and designers are applying this theory in their artworks. Anouk Wipprecht is one of the outstanding artists.

Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht’s artworks demonstrate the combination of Fashion, Technology and Interaction Design. She is aiming to create the dialogue between the technology and body or the surroundings of the wearer with fashion as the new interface. The new interface that the next generation will grow up with. The garment itself is no longer a “perfect object”, as viewers’ participation is part of it and it is often unpredictable. Artists likeAnouk Wipprecht had transformed from an individualized source that creates objects to ones that create behaviors.


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