Bella NO.2

This is not my main laptop, so the desktop is less messy. Ever since I have a digital identity. I always show the different side of myself. Just like the difference between my main laptop desktop and this. I use my main laptop mostly for my design work. There are my old design files, a lot of software, current school project and freelance work. In contrast, this MacBook is what I bring around for class, meeting, and trip. I just left the wallpaper as the default setting and keep it as clean as possible. As it is more like part of my image to the public.

G i L ttttttttttt C C hHhHhHhHh A R T


B eeeeL  lll Aa provided the orginal image, and our professor Randall Packer gave us the c o n c e p t. The control of the proce……………ss is in the other group member’s hands. There is no restri              ction that everyone can do anything to the original work. It is      in teresting as the result is    not expected when an artwork is done by multiple artists.


Screenshot of Adobe Connect Collaboration

I would like to give a name to this screenshot, e-connect. A lot of things in our daily life are going “e” (Electronic) because of technology. For example, e-mail, e-ticket, e-commerce and etc.. Technology improves the quality and efficiency of our lives. Today, we are able to connect with each other easily in the third space which the technology creates.

Last week, I had my e-connect experience in class. It was my first DIWO experience with Adobe Connect. We did several activities with each other, one example is making a cross on the screen as the photo above. We decided to make a cross with the guidance of our professor Randall Packer. A few minutes were taken for us to agree to do it, figure out how to achieve the effect, and tell each other “wait, don’t move! I need to take screenshots”.

Furthermore, we discussed our feelings in class, and received a word that worth million dollars from Randall Packer, “Negotiation”. It made me think about why negotiation is so important. It sounds like a big world yet it seems to be what we are using on the daily basis. It is simply looking for a deal that makes everyone happy. It is beneficial for us to master the skills of negotiation, as most of the artworks would involve more than one participants. For instance, art history group presentation. The first thing we do after forming a group is probably creating the WhatsApp group, where we can negotiate how we are going to contribute to the project in the third space. Good negotiation will give everyone a good group project experience and vice versa.

All in all, negotiation is essential as we are living in the society where it is almost impossible to avoid collaborations. Also, the existence of the third space had improved the quality of negotiation base on my experience in class and daily life.

Micro-Project #2: Tele-Stroll – ALOE YOU VERA MUCH

Posted by Daphne Natimin on Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Daphne and I decided to create the live broadcast of us getting ready for school in the morning, as both of us experienced long-distance friendships. We always eat with friends through video call or co-broadcasting. Sometimes, we will just leave the broadcast on and do our own work without talking. Thus, for this project, we planned to do our daily makeup together in the “third place”, just like how we usually dress up together in the physical world.



We set the time to wake up at the same time in the morning and followed the makeup steps that we planned out. The instructions sheet was placed near us and outside of the frame. The skincare and makeup products were opened and laid on the table in advance. Since we only had one hand to do our makeup and another hand was holding the phone.  We also planned to let one person lead the movement to make our video more synchronized.



Lastly, I realized that we can actually communicate with each other through eye contact and lip language after watching the recorded live video. The physical distance did not affect how well we can understand each other with the help of FaceBook live platform.

Micro Project #1: Experiment in Social Broadcasting

Hi I'm ART

Posted by Bella Dai on Thursday, 18 January 2018


It is interesting how the Internet can bring everyone into the third place, where we can share what we experienced in the 15 minutes at the same location on the little screens. In the past 15 minutes, I tried to interact with people who are watching the live broadcast although I might not know them. Also, I started talking to people around me and sharing them on my live broadcast.

The Facebook Live Video Wall