Inspirations for Manifesto

Scandinavians’ believes in truth and honest work can be traced back to the moral humanist ethos in Lutheranism, which seeks truth and reason, and believe that salvation can be gained through an honest work that benefits one’s fellow beings.


Shinto, worshiping the forces of nature. The original religion of Japan, Shinto tends to make harmonious relations between human beings, nature, and kami – the spiritual energy. 


The environmental activist and photographer Arthus-Bertrand use photography to document the environmental changes and issues. His book  Earth From Above shows the abstracted views of the earth and gives the perspective of widespread environmental destruction.


My Manifesto

Water is life. After all, we are 60% made up of water, a part of nature. It is essential to recall the value that Scandinavians and Shintoism share – seeking truth and respecting nature. It is the designer’s responsibility to raise awareness of nature, and moral in technology in this consumerist digital era, because GOOD DESIGN CARES.