G i L ttttttttttt C C hHhHhHhHh A R T


B eeeeL  lll Aa provided the orginal image, and our professor Randall Packer gave us the c o n c e p t. The control of the proce……………ss is in the other group member’s hands. There is no restri              ction that everyone can do anything to the original work. It is      in teresting as the result is    not expected when an artwork is done by multiple artists.

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  1. What a spectacular transformation of the original! Well, now that I have provided the concept, it is all yours to utilize and enjoy for the rest of your work. Glitch is a powerful means of looking at the digital image and its processing in an entirely different way. And when the image passes through the group member’s hands, as you point out, there is a kind of freedom of expression that seems to transcend the individual artist. Good work!

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