How is Your Vision?

“I don’t believe in change for the sake of change. Change comes about through a natural process of development or because something needs improving. Modernism suggests movement which is ahead of its time. If we do something that has been done before, we are not being creative; we are being redundant. Creativity, which is what Modernism is all about, is a constant searching process that promises a greater chance for failure than it does for success.”                                            – Bierut, Michael. Looking Closer. Allworth, 1997.

During the first lesson, we talked about the design culture in Singapore. The design industry in Singapore is still developing. Trace the history of design back to the Modernism which was a movement about being ahead of its time. Artist and designers were trying to make changes to the society and move the creative industry forward. Even earlier during the Bauhaus movement, Wassily Kandinsky asked the students and faculty that the basic shapes and three primary colours at Bauhaus. My ideal colours for those shapes are the same as Wassily’s, however, the meaning behind my matches are quite different. Firstly, the red square is at the top of the vision chart. It represents the burning passion that can multiply by itself (math). I think the burning passion is what Singapore needs the most to push the design culture onto the international stage. Secondly, triangle has a very stable structure and matches with yellow that symbolizes energy and positivity. The stable energy and positivity are what the local designers should have. Lastly, the blue circle, represent intelligence and the wholeness. The slogan of Bauhaus was “Art into Industry”. The most popular in Singapore is probably the ones helping Singapore to be a smarter nation, and I believe that design is important along the way, thus the blue circle is the smart nation that we are trying to build. I hope that the vision of Singapore design industry will be better and clearer.


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