Micro-Project #2: Tele-Stroll – ALOE YOU VERA MUCH

Posted by Daphne Natimin on Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Daphne and I decided to create the live broadcast of us getting ready for school in the morning, as both of us experienced long-distance friendships. We always eat with friends through video call or co-broadcasting. Sometimes, we will just leave the broadcast on and do our own work without talking. Thus, for this project, we planned to do our daily makeup together in the “third place”, just like how we usually dress up together in the physical world.



We set the time to wake up at the same time in the morning and followed the makeup steps that we planned out. The instructions sheet was placed near us and outside of the frame. The skincare and makeup products were opened and laid on the table in advance. Since we only had one hand to do our makeup and another hand was holding the phone.  We also planned to let one person lead the movement to make our video more synchronized.



Lastly, I realized that we can actually communicate with each other through eye contact and lip language after watching the recorded live video. The physical distance did not affect how well we can understand each other with the help of FaceBook live platform.

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