ZINE: Say Hi to the Houses


The final version of my zine design was inspired by the annual District Design Dialogue event at Holland Village that I visited during Singapore Design Week. My concept was changing along the way, from capturing the atmosphere at Holland Village during day and night to celebrating design in an international neighborhood.


The final zine will lead the visitor through the house tour full of interactive artworks, drinks, and music.

I tested printed another few types of paper as the Marble White 120gsm paper is a bit too thick for the zine.


I received constructive feedback from my classmates and professor. I am glad that my classmates like the choice of colours and found the cover page eye-catching, however, maybe the symbolic object I chose could be more relatable, and easier for the reader to understand the narrative. Also, there are still flaws in printing, as the last page is not perfectly aligned. I will work carefully on the software and also check on the printing to make sure the outcome has the best quality. Some also suggested that the font could be easier to understand. Overall, I had found doing this project, attaining the event, trying a quite different graphics style this time. I am from a product design background which emphasizes practicality. Sometimes, I found it hard to break the constraints. I am grateful that my professor pushed my limited and answer my doubts patiently. I will step out of my comfort zone and explore more about graphic design in the future.

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