Project 2: Play with me

Hello all! As seen from my work, the genre is Supernatural but with a slight twist of it not being scary. I thought of having my pictures from the perspective of a spirit at home. Hence, many angles are how I imagine a view of a ghost would be like – stealthy, from high angles, close-ups (since ghosts are aware that humans are not able to see them and it’s alright going up close(?) and a great angle for portraying emotions by the eyes) and probably some blurred photos as they might be moving fast as well. Also, many photos consist of vignette effect since they are the first-hand view of the ghost, sort of like the view you see from the viewfinder.

While thinking about the 90 photos, I had an idea of making the photos grainy and with a slight green tint to make it look a tad eerie. I took reference from this photo which is a scene from Lethal Weapon 2.

4cc5a17bf91ea01ccf8e6f1bb5cd64f3the above photo’s from

untitled_01-14and this is my own version of a bathroom scene

Recently, I’ve watched a short film by Royston Tan called Popiah. Although the concept of the film is nothing scary or supernatural related, I was really inspired by the cinematic sound effects that are very distinct especially the one in the opening scene – characters shredding the skin of fruits and whatnot or the clanking of porcelain plates. Since we had the advantage of adding sound effects and music, I added raw and probably sounds that we hear everyday at home to add realism to the photos. Also, I really liked the dark tonal effect in the film in general which I thought would be quite appropriate for my photos as well. Not sure if I’m right but there’s a slight vignette effect to some of the scenes. If you’re curious about Royston Tan’s film, I’ve put the video below for reference.

The main concept of my photos is the expression of loneliness portrayed by the spirit as it is unable to be seen. Hence, the 3 main occurrences in the photos are results of the spirit dropping hints to the human of its existence. Its intentions are not evil and harmful. However, as humans, we all fear of things that we do not understand of. The main character expresses fear in the photos which can be seen in several close-up photos of her eyes. The photos end off with the existence of spirit being ignored. The toys in some photos are meant as non-sequitur to portray a sense of eerie as well.

Here is my video! Pardon the quality as it became like that after I converted it to suit the format that Youtube accepts!


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