Week 1 Object of interest

IMG_1819 IMG_1820

My object of interest would be this “container” which is meant to be filled with pepper or salt. I feel that this object is very interesting because it’s not as conventional as the normal bottles. Other than that, it also does not have a consistent shape upon spinning the object about its vertical axis. It has a relatively smooth and consistent texture as well.

I feel that the Dominant of this object is the “torso” of this human-like container since it is also the most prominent area that allows us to hold it. The sub-dominant would be the “hands” of the object. They are the next most prominent part of this object other than its “torso” as they are protruding out. The Subordinate would be the “eyes” which are the holes in this object, introducing a different element to this object since the texture of it is consistent through out.

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