Go, Observe, Write

This is my take on my trip down to Holland Village on a Wednesday evening at 5pm.

With the regular heat and humidity of Singapore’s climate, one would kill for a taste of an ice cold beverage on a midday here. As drillings and hammering sounds, the “clinks” and the “clanks”, were boisterously sounded, the peace disruptions and not forgetting the unforgiving climate do drive people indoors. Hanging around Holland Village on a late afternoon is not such a great idea after all. Its famous bars and fancy restaurants were just preparing to start their day of business. Yet, a bustling and happening corner stood right out to me. The superfood company, The Project Acai, was packed. Queues that run from cashier to the entrance would usually be detested. However, the atmosphere in the air and the vibe indeed drew people in, especially when its interior is air-conditioned. Hopping onto the bandwagon, I went to grab myself a cup of superfood and scurried to a nearby vacant seat. Pop music, music to my ears, healthy snack in my mouth, views of people pretty much like myself, I feel like I fit in, perfectly.

Yippies and yuppies, they are everywhere I see. The aged, I hardly notice. With charming and well-dressed attendants behind the counter preparing delicious cups of healthy food, no wonder this place is a home ground for the youths. Young couples, still in high school, in their Monday to Friday outfit, each having a cup of Acai in their hands, are seen spending time together. I could see why this place is a magnet to these people, very much like myself. Electronic dance music (EDM), top 100 songs in the hit chart were playing at the background on shuffle. I hardly not recognise the next song that came up. Fairy lights hanging from one light bulb to another, created a fantasy-liked backdrop for friends to relax and chat for as long as they would while eating healthily. Of course, in this tech savvy age, rarely will one start devouring before taking an Instagram worthy photo of the aesthetically attractive cup of Acai that is filled with a rainbow of colours created by the wide variety of fruits in its bowl. Did I mention that one cup of Acai goodness is not cheap too?

The rowdy group of friends seated just adjacent to me slowly became the bane of my existence. Each with a personality, I can see why they are such close buds even after all these years. Taking a break from work nearby the area, The Project Acai has become one of their favourite place to drop-by in the midst of their hectic schedules. Ladies in formal office wear of knee length dresses, make-up half faded out due to the day’s work, and killer heels that seemed to lightly bruised their veiny feet, this pitstop is not a want. Guys in suits, and gelled up hair, smart looking with a hint of dark eye rings, the past few nights must have been a long nighter. Possibly the end of a major project, that day must have been a shorter day for them to enjoy a sweet treat. “Let’s get out of here to get a puff”, as she signals the group with a slight head tilt. Very soon, they were seen heading towards the back ally for the stick that first brought them all together.