Varoom Magazine – The Fantasy Issue Process

Research and Mindmaping 


Initial Stages of Ideation

The initial stages of ideation was to involve food into unconventional objects or living things. As I was beginning to sketch and formulate a direction for this project, I found myself doodling food and animals and girls. Therefore, you can see the Siew Mai Cats, the Frida Kahlo ice-cream and girls in the prawn rolls! (Funny how they are all my favourite snacks!)

After consultation, I was advised by Lisa to dive in deeper into the meaning of Fantasy and what does it mean for me? Given a few references below,

After viewing how Brian Pollett portrayed his idea of the after effects of drugs and the relationship between drugs and art (pixels), I decided to start on a blank canvas and relook at the meaning of Fantasy in my own interpretation.

After brainstorming, I realise that I am intrigued with the idea of botany, serpents and girls all at once. Growing up as a Christian, my religion exposed me to the idea of the good and the evil – gaining inspiration from the garden of eden and the forbidden fruit. As an old scripture that explains the curses then made to men and women, I wonder about the unexplained and the explained. What is an extension of the real world (of logic), is magic or imagination just part of the science of illusion? But, things left unexplained are totally fine! This gave birth to my interpretation of Varoom Fantasy Edition


Artist Takes 20 Different Drugs And Creates 20 Illustrations To Show Drug Effects


Inanimate Portrait — DAPHNE

Working on my own inanimate portrait, I decided to look at what interests me now and what I love to look at. It was then I realise I enjoy looking at illustrations of tarot cards especially when it looks like it is the “hype” thing now as people would pay ten over dollars to have a reading done by a random stranger online.

After looking at tarot cards for hours in a bookstore, I spoke to the store person about it as she saw me looking at them for the longest time. She explained that the tarot cards are actually based on the interpretation of the tarot card reader depending on the energy and the illustrations he/she gets from the card. Hence, tarot cards can be seen re-illustrated and reinterpreted by different tarot readers. It is a subjective reading up for interpretation and discussion.


Riding on that, I decided to look at some cards that I often see myself looking at. They are The Empress, The Sun, Temperance.

illustrations on traditional tarot cards

traditional tarot – the temperance card

traditional tarot – the sun card

traditional tarot – the empress card

These are the elements I came up with for the different cards.

the temperance card

the empress card

the sun card