in Micro-Project

i aM My desktoP: tHIs whAT i cAll OrGanizeD meSs

This is a screenshot of my desktop – observe the mess (and the multiple screenshots)

In my defence, I have everything I need on my desktop itself, notes, reminders (on the memo pads) and screenshots I need for my OSS posts for other modules. Everything is readily accessible and I do not have to go back and forth my finder to search for the applications. Likewise, this shows that I am always ready for whatever I am doing, bringing with me more things than I actually need. I always find myself having more things than I actually need in my bag. (waterbottle, jacket, tissues, etc)

Everything is put against a pale yellow (my favourite colour) background to allow me to stay focused. I know how and when to be focused and when to have fun. So when it is time to focus, I know what gets me in the mood to be doing work.

The many Google Chromes at the bottom right is for different things that I am doing or researching. One on OSS and school research, the other is on YouTube and my personal stuff! I often categorize my things. Similar to my phone, I group my applications based on their functions. At home, my dresses are placed together, my T-shirts and shorts are placed together. Hence, I am a person who will categorize my things.