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; MY LINE IS EMO: The Phrases That Tells It All (brainstorming and process)

After the first lesson of introduction to make-making, we were required to bring along with us some textured items from home to try out mono-printing in the studio.

Before approaching Week 2, I brainstormed and experimented with a few mark-making techniques and the different results that I will get from it to evoke some sort of emotions.

A page of my Visual Journal on my thought process upon approaching Project 1: My Line Is Emo


-jittery feeling/ shiver


happiness / joy

-all smiles (too literal)

-the high points in life

-high energy

-free, liberal

-yellow (cannot, because only black & white)


-sudden, unexpected

-good/ bad surprise? good. (e.g.: parties?)






-being crossed

-accumulated events


-love spreads

-family, friends

-we love cause we are first loved

-some sort of adoration (?)

Here are some of my formal experiments (informal ones include spontaneous try outs which might have unsatisfactory results that are not worthy of documentation):


Dabbing crashed tissue on paper with as little ink as possible

End result


I thought that the result was rather ideal, I had tested out with it before and I realise that the result with more ink was not as desirable as it does not bring out the texture of the crashed tissue as much compared to with little ink.

The end result gave a very smokey feeling, somewhat mysterious which might evoke insecurity as it feels like some parts are hidden yet you see a figure through the ink, but you cannot quite figure out what it is. It then also evoke confusion.

2. Ink Dripping Method


Sadness, the tears we collect in a jar.

I thought sadness was the most apparent for me as I approach this method of mark-making. As seen on my Visual Journal, the first thing that comes to my mind on sadness is act of crying. I thought the result I got evoked the motion of tears flowing down really well.

3. Pencil Rolling Method

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Fear, the jittery feeling you get

The pencil rolling technique on paper gave an unexpected result for me. After experimenting with it, I really appreciated the effect it gave. It felt like the jittery feeling you get when you’re afraid, hence evoking fear. Moreover, I felt that the pencil rolling technique gave an uneven touch as I roll my fingers across the paper that gave a very unique sensation to my fingers. As I roll my fingers faster, each pause gave a mini jerk to my fingers, resembling the heart-pounding effect when one is afraid or in fear. Even though I did not use this method for my final product in the end, I still really liked the effect it brought out.

4. The Ink blowing method


Love that spreads from one end to another

The ink blowing method involved me placing large amount of paint saturated with water on different parts of the paper and then using a straw to blow on the ink spots, causing them to flow in an outward motion. I thought this method of mark-making very correctly depicts how love is showed in the society. As one demonstrate love to another, it spreads like wildfire from one to another, very much similar to hate.

5. The Plastic Ink Pressing method


Horror, the bloodstains on the wall

This mark-making method is one that I have already experimented with, except often with many colours. This time round trying it with only black ink gave me a very eerie feeling, very much like horror.

I gave the method further thoughts and felt that the plastic sheet did very much resemble a glass wall, and the ink resembles blood stains. One method I want to experiment with is putting ink on my five fingers and then getting paint on the plastic sheet and then transferring them onto the paper itself. This will very much resemble the real act of a murderer, hands filled with blood and then smearing the glass wall.

6. The Semi-dry Paintbrush method

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Surprise, the party poppers that make your heart race


Surprise is an emotion I found very hard to create. I would interpret it as a “good” kind of surprise.

After experimenting with the creation of prints similar to that of party popper, I decided to add a little twist to it! ADDING TINY SWIRLS to mimic strong from party popper!

Some experiments done in class 

Some of the items that I brought included:



-Self-made doilies

-Air-tight bags





self-taken, inspired by Julie Mehretu

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