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; PANDORA: 2D Sketch Analysis of our interesting object & Magic (3D Sketch Model) + Brainstorming

For our very first 3D foundation lesson, we were told to bring an object that we found 3-dimensionally interesting..

2D Sketch Analysis of the Object I find 3-Dimensionally Interesting 

The 3-dimentionally interesting thing that I brought to class was the cupboard that was used to secure my router and the wires.

Why I find it 3-dimensionally interesting?

-it’s negative void replaces the positive mass in a certain way, and vice versa

-how the aforementioned point is used for a practical use of securing the router and the wires

-made up of cubes, cuboids, and many rectilinear lines

-the texture of the bottom of the router box is much rougher than the texture of it on the inside (interesting texture)

taken from: personal

taken from: personal

taken from: personal

taken from: personal

My 2D Sketch Analysis of the Router Cupboard


Pandora: My 3D Sketch Model (Brain-Storming/ Draft)

The word I got was MAGIC.

I thought this topic was something that I can freely work on as there are no restrictions to it by the word itself. However, I thought I expand on the word, Magic, as well as incorporate some key terms I have learnt in class. (i.e Rule of third, negative spaces vs positive masses, symmetrical vs asymmetrical, cluster of similar volumes or contrasting volumes, etc)

Expanding on the term, MAGIC

Magic to me is something that cannot be explained, illogical to the human mind. I thought for my first 3D sketch model, I can focus on the phrase “defying gravity”

Magical (P/T)ower


  • the “hello panda” box is placed in such a way that it obeys the rule of thirds
  • the model is asymmetrical
  • when applying the law of moments, the model should now be in stable at this state, accentuated by the presence of negative spaces on the right, bottom left of the model itself and the presence of positive masses¬†at the top left of the model — hence, MAGIC.
  • Dominant: the white box, Sub-dominant: the blue floral box, Sub-ordinate: the hello panda box.

Magic can also be something illogical created by illusion of balance.

The Balancing Trio

  • as the name suggest, The Balancing Trio seem to be balance in all angles and in all ways
  • the inhaler box obeys the rule of third as it is placed one third from the top of the model
  • The Balancing Trio is asymmetrical¬†
  • Dominant: the blue router box, Sub-dominant: the white box, Sub-ordinate: the blue inhaler box.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing and exploring the two magical models i have created!



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