in My Work, Pandora Revisited

Pandora Revisited

For the first project for Form and Visualization, we got to look back and revisit the Pandora project we did back in Semester 1. For Pandora Revisited, the words I received were pack, skew and reflect.

Below are some images of my module and how it reflects the words:-

*foam version of the module in exact dimensions*


Making my mould for my module, I used the silicon method.

Preparing for the pouring of the silicon.

After the pouring of the silicon for the making of the ice-tray.

After the silicon dries. Hot glue added to the top because there were holes.


There are many combinations of arrangement for my module that I find amusing! Below are some combinations:-



Isometric – Individual

Isometric – Combined

  1. Daphne, hope your cheerleading performance went well? You have captured the Plan and Elevations (Sections?) of your module well as an image but, as this semester is about Form and Visualization, you need to draw what you’ve made. I find all the various arrangements of your modules very interesting and am glad you had fun composing them 😉 , do decide on one arrangement for a set of 4-6 modules and do Orthogonal (Plan, Sections, Elevations) drawings of it and an Isometric drawing of the ideal final ice-tray. Also update the ice-making process before next Friday’s class. Thanks.

  2. Daphne, do include a complete set of technical drawings (Plans, Elevations, Sections & Isometric) for a chosen 4/6 ice-module configuration layout in your Final PDF layout of this assignment.

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