Micro-Project 1: Experiment in Social Broadcasting

hello from experimental interaction class! C:

Posted by Daphne Tan on Thursday, 18 January 2018


Doing the Broadcasting

Going live on Facebook is not necessarily the first thing I expect out of the first lesson of Experimental Interaction. Nonetheless, it was spontaneous. I did my live broadcasting in a vlog (video blogging) style. The content was the one I was worried about, what am I going to say? What am I going to video? Will it be interesting for the audience? I went ahead talked about what was going on at the moment, for example the barbecue that was going to take place.

Seeing it on the Broadcast wall

Seeing all our videos on the broadcast wall after we were all done with the live broadcasting was a whole different experience. Prof Randall talked about The Third Space, a space (virtual) that converges two different spaces into one, which is something that did not occur to me, yet clicked so well after hearing it. The Third Space is so relevant in today’s globalised world that keeps us connected, despite the distance.


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