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Varoom! Magazine – The Fantasy Issue


Varoom Magazine Fantasy Edition

Fantasy is a genre of imaginative fiction involving magic and adventure, especially in a setting other than the real world.

I wanted to explore Fantasy in the form of the art scene’s conspiracies infused in a botany, flora and fauna setting.

The contained mini version of God’s garden of eden, depicted in a form of a basket of plant life, mirrors that of God’s creation of our world that also contains the good and evil. (The fruitful plants and the Venus fly trap – carnivorous plant)

The notable faces – The girl with the pearl earring, Mona Lisa and Frida Kahlo. The conspiracies circling these women (fiction and non-fiction) brought about the idea of the illusions and the seen and the unseen.

Facts and background about these women

The Girl in the pearl earring (the subject of the painting by Johannes Vermeer)

  1. No one really knew who that girl in the painting was

It was speculated to be the artist’s daughter, yet was argued to be classified as a type of work that is called a tronie. “Tronies are paintings that focused on the face of a subject with an added element of fantasy or an exaggeration of expression that differentiates them from portraits.” The identity of the girl created mystery and curiosity to art goers.

  1. Selected as the most beautiful painting in the Netherlands in 2006
  2. Unsure what the meaning behind the painting was

Mona Lisa (the subject of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci)

  1. The Mona Lisa’s gaze

Many thought that the gaze of Mona Lisa follows the viewer no mater where it is viewed at and has been debated to be haunting and feels like you have been watched by Mona Lisa herself.

2. Differing interpretations of Mona Lisa’s smile

The smile has been interpreted differently from many people. It is also deemed to be ever changing depending on the angle it’s viewed at.

3. Identity of the subject.

Although it is widely known that the sitter is Lisa del Giocondo, there are a shortage of definitive evidences and many fuels alternative theories regarding the subject of the painting.

Frida Kahlo (the person and the subject 55 self portraits)

  1. Mysterious identity

Being born in 1907, Frida changed her birth year to 1910. She had a series of near death experiences throughout her life time of which made her isolated and alone which resulted in many series of self-portraits which she quote, “Because I am so often alone….because I am the subject I know best.”

She is best known often known for her portraits mixed with autobiological elements, realism and fantasy, that made her more than a person, but also an icon. Her physical and painted self blurs the living and the non-living.

Varoom Fantasy 

The fantasy about the unknown and the known, the living and the non-living is blurred through a paradoxical combination of two elements from two different spectrums. The colours used are bright and enticing, very much like a sweet indulgence of mystery that allures people’s attention and gazes and embodying the visual myth of enchanting gardens, contained.


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  1. Hi Daphne – saw your work-in-progress in class previously and it changed so much since then! 🙂

    For feedback: I think the girl in the pearl earring could do without the little bit of neck for some consistency with the other two figures.