Video Selfie – A Weird Side of Me

For my video selfie, I decided to go a bit ‘old-school’ and to play around with one of the effect photobooth offers on the mac (childhood things of my generation). I decided to do something my best friend and I usually do when we are lounging at home, as we play a song, somewhat dance and sing along with extra props (which I do not have during this raw take). I was recording this in front of my friends in a classroom, in the hive when I just remembered I had to record a video selfie and upload it. This video shows my inner weird side that my friends usually see, hence, I was comfortable recording this in front of them. Moreover, I like to jam to songs as I act along the lyrics with a little vanity in front of the camera. I guess I am camera-shy at first but as I get use to it, I get comfortable? in a way of showing my true goofy self in reality. Im just a kid having fun!

My Desktop Shot

I like my desktop clean, organised and categorised as it helps me find my things in a simpler way – with folders and icons. I also like having different desktop backgrounds that resonates or inspire me as I use my laptop. Such as “No Bad Vibes.”I have 5 desktop screens where I can do different work and things on different desktop in one laptop, with different background. Personalising each one. I guess it reflects me in a way where I like things to be neat and organised, where each thing is for something, like my room and as a person- capricorn things. As well as sending positive vibes to the people around me and influence myself to be the better.


glitch it

Original ImageGl!t c h no.1

gl1tcc hh h no.2

Ggl!txxchh thr#3

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The glitch mini project was enjoyable as you distort one’s image into an unrecognisable artwork, collaboratively. We manipulated the images of our friends in freedom and to our own desire and it held the important factor of the DIWO (Do It With Others) in art. It is a transformation of a clear cut image to something abstract  and unrecognisable. This allow us to reach the end product together instead of a self manipulated and distorted photo which we can not achieve.

Across ‘Borders’ – Telematic Embrace

Introduced to the world of Adobe Connect, it was the first time I have heard and experienced this application. In class, we experimented and immersed ourselves into the Third space as a team.

We talked about emotional bandwidth expanded over the years, from simple texting, to calling, to Facetime and social broadcasting. Through the development of this, we are able to view the expression the other party holds and the movement they display through the video, fully engaging in the conversation and response. As a class, we were all in one place (first space), and stepped into the virtual world of third space. We played and interacted with different type of movements and objects through the third space, connecting us together.

Here are some of the things we did through screenshots:

“The Third Space ET Touch”
“Water Bottle Filter”

As a class we worked together as a team through connection, negotiation and compromising each other in order to achieve these masterpieces shown above. We were all involved and crossing the borders of our screen in order to connect with one another. This is an absolute example of DIWO (Do It With Others)! I had an incredible time playing in the third space with my class and this experiment. It is definitely an important skill and realisation to have in the future where we have to interact and work with clients across the border, TOGETHER.

Micro-Project #2: Telescroll (Social Broadcasting)

Posted by Daphne Natimin on Tuesday, 23 January 2018

As the remaining three amigos, we decided to do a double pairing, in which my partner became Bella. After a few brainstorms, we decided to do something ordinary for girls, something that happens daily for most girls. This led to the idea of girls getting ready together. Have you ever wondered why girls go to the bathroom together or even do things almost together all the time? Its fun! We get an increase of communication in order to further deepen the relationship and understanding of each other.

There will always be this one time when your friend, a close friend, best friend or even a family member who would move away to another country for a certain reason, which decreases the communication between the two or more. Through the interaction of doing things together online/media makes up for it. It serves the purpose to show that even if one may not be physically next to each other, they could always meet in the third space, connecting people together. For example, leaving each other on call whilst doing work, eating or even casual chilling. This is also the reason why Facebook, Skype or OSS was programmed. ITS ABOUT CONNECTING, COLLABORATION AND COMMUNICATION.

During the process of the live performance, it was quite hard to mirror the other accurately and synchronise, even though some were pre-planned. Research has shown that the more time you spend with another the more synchronise you get in terms of movements- due to our mirror neurons. However, as time passed, we slowly became more synchronised in terms of the timing on getting ready. Furthermore, rather than a casual live broadcast, it felt more of a performance art in synchronisation in the third space. This was a pleasant experience in dabbling in the social art and doing it in real time, different location. It creates a new space for the art where people from all over the world can come together!

Micro-Project 1: Experiment in Social Broadcasting

The social broadcasting experience is quite true and real especially with friends.I think it made the experience more enjoyable and less awkward, in contrast to, doing it yourself. Furthermore, I found another level of respect towards youtubers who vlog daily…on the angles and the content they release to keep the audiences entertained. Social broadcasting is another medium that is fascinating to me how we could see other people who are vlogging at the same time, yet, different space into one space – called the ‘Third space’. Through the learning and playing in the medium of the internet, it made it much more interesting whilst taking it globally. I guess to a certain extend it holds much relevance to this millennial world which keeps the world connected through this interaction.

Hi this is awkward

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