Fonts Do Matter

Sarah Hyndman’s TEDtalk was insightful and agreeable in how type can completely transform the meaning of a word. It can give it a backstory, a personality and something that can influence. It has the power to impact with the right uniform. She associates type as clothes, where it gives others the first impression of who it is and what it is. This is impactful, in which type turns words into a story with meaning, a voice to help convey the message into the world. I like how she stated typographers and graphic designers as storytellers. Having the power to alter and manipulate the tone, expression and value the word holds. We can turn a “cheap” word into something sizzling, hot and fresh by a change of font or typeface. It can be serious and credible, or fun and entertaining. Type communicates deep into our sub-conscious and affects how we think. Just like the jellybean round versus angular type example Sarah Hyndman mentioned (which I think is really interesting and true), how fonts can alter how food taste. The elements of a typeface can affect a person’s mood and emotions toward the word or design piece. It can also be the deciding factor of consumerism. Type conveys emotions and meanings that relate to our subconscious.

Therefore, fonts DO matter as a medium of communication. At the end of the day, type plays a crucial role in the everyday life, whether for branding, consumerism, safety, directions or aesthetics – we are all type suckers!

Author: Daphne Ngatimin

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