Project 3 Research and Process

Chosen Value: Punctuality  

Initial Ideas of representation: Things that represent Time Eg. Watch, Grandfather Clock, Hourglass

ResearchI liked how the inverted of the opposite value represented the chosen value.

I liked how there’s implied movement based on the positioning of the basic shapes.



Based on using the idea of choosing something that’s opposite of punctuality, a few ideas came to mind:

  1. Being late when falling in,
  2. Missing a flight,
  3. Hourglass that has more sand at the bottom.

In-cooperating  ideas 1 and 3,  a hourglass outline with helmets representing sand. The helmets on the bottom half of the hourglass are arranged in columns of threes with one empty spot. One lone helmet is left at the top of the hourglass that is tilted to represent the helmet tumbling down. Lines converging to the middle of the hour glass were used to guide the viewer’s eyes to the ‘action’ of the poster (the sole helmet tumbling down). Finally, the text, Punctuality, was placed in the empty spot in the squad formation to conclude the ‘story’ of the poster.

Basic Shapes Used:

Straight lines for the leading lines.

Curve lines for the outline of the hourglass and helmet patterns.

Semi-circle for the helmets.

Ellipses for the patterns in the helmet.

Final Poster Design

Color Selection:

Initially, the old SAF color scheme was used.However, after some feedback, the new SAF color scheme was chosen instead as it was more relevant and was easier to match the background colors. 

Red was used for the font and leading lines as it is the complimentary color of the green helmets, thus creating a larger dynamic range.

White was used to draw attention to the hourglass since our eyes are attracted to white spaces first.

Experimentation of Colors:



Philographics, big ideas in simple shapes

Author: Dexter Chiang

Student of Information Engineering and Media, Nanyang Technological University

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