Locale: Research

For this project, we were tasked to pick an area/estate in Singapore and uncover an unique characteristic or feature about it.

After much research and thought, I settled on Wessex Estate along Portsdown Road!Prior to choosing Wessex Estate, I also considered other locations such as Balestier and Whampoa as they had unique characteristics. However after much field research, I decided to go with Wessex Estate due to where its located, the people I met there and the serenity of the whole estate itself – unlike many other estates in Singapore. 


SECONDARY through online, websites, books

PRIMARY through field research, interviews


From both Secondary and Primary research I have gathered qualitative and quantitative data about Wessex Estate.


Since there are plenty of other colonial estates in Singapore, What makes Wessex estate so different from the rest?

Out of the many colonial estates, I picked out a few of the most known and popular ones amongst Singaporeans and did a comparison between them.

 | Wessex is the only colonial estate in Singapore that has an art community within a residential, and is not focused on profits for their work |

second visit

Decided to take some pictures with my film camera 🙂


Wessex Carnival –

art community in wessex

As mentioned, there are art studios in Wessex Estate that open their doors to public annually or twice a year for “Artwalk@Wessex“.

This gives the public an opportunity to see the artist’s beautiful work and understand a little more about the culture and life in Wessex. This also gives the artists a great opportunity to showcase their hard work. And this walk is completely FOC!! It truly is a place that promotes creativity and the arts in Singapore without much thought of profit in mind.

I managed to visit two art studios during my trips to the estate.


I’ve really learnt and opened my eyes so much just from walking around this estate, talking to people and taking pictures of little things that I find interesting. I really enjoy my trips down to the estate even though I can only take one bus “191” in and it has bus intervals of 15mins. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for the existence of an estate like this in Singapore because I know that if I ever need a breather from the hustle and bustle, I can take a little breather and chill at Wessex. This has made it a lot more easier for me to work on the two parts of this project.

For part 1 of this project, we were required to give a visual presentation that brings out the unique feature of this site and what makes it different from other estates in Singapore. We had to include Secondary and Primary research as well as sort our data into Qualitative and Quantitative data.

For my Visual Presentation, I wanted to create something more interactive but did not want to limit myself to the normal presentation slides. Thus, I decided to explore interactive PDF  done in indesign and so even if you are a Mac or Windows user, one can still view the animations or interactivity of the presentation without the PPT or Keynote application.

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