Creative Response VC: 2

Art nouveau
Abstract pattern representative of Art Nouveau style

Using this picture I took of leaves that I see everyday in Singapore,

I reflected and repeated them so that they will form a circling and enclosing pattern of sorts. The final pattern to me, represents the conventional usual routines that Singaporeans go through repeatedly. The mundane lifestyle repeats itself everyday and Singaporeans are completely sucked into it.

I added additional “humans” into the patterns to further elaborate how the fast-paced life of Singaporeans is part of our culture and our biggest and most powerful source, humans are stuck in a never-ending cycle of workload.

William Morris Leicester Wallpaper

I chose this wallpaper as I think it brings out a beautiful image of leaves and flowers in this world. Even with similar elements, the composition does not come off repetitive but instead balanced and pleasing to the eye. I also love the use of colours and the variation in sizes of the various elements in this wallpaper.

cubism portrait
my attempt at a Cubism Portrait

I attempted to draw a cubism portrait of my friend Dominique. Well… it doesn’t look like her at all! :/