Week 2: Draw your friend

In-class activity: Draw your friend

Woohoo! This particular week of exercise was fun. We watched several videos of portrait drawing and how you didn’t have to be an artist to be able to draw one another. In fact many always say, “I can’t draw for nuts” but their drawing turns out to look great! Moral of story: Don’t be afraid to draw! It doesn’t have to be realistic, it could be a abstract or cartoon version on your friend.

To be honest, I was like oh no, I really am no good with human faces, and I don’t want to make my friend look ugly. Well, the result wasn’t that great anyway but it was fun observing Sabrina’s face and just laughing while we were drawing each other

Drawn by me. Model: Sabrina (sorry you are very pretty, this does not look like you)
The rest of the portraits done by my classmates