3D project 4 間: Ma’s City Of Voids / Individual and Group Moodbox

Individual moodbox

I decided to base my moodbox off the second sound that my group mates and I created.The sound is below.

To this sound there are 3 parts:Wooden beat 4 counts,a constant scratchy sound and one count of a ringing wind chime like sound.I decided to create a tall rectangular box to create and environment that produced echoey sounds similar to the sound that we made.I lined the inside of the box(Dominant) with sandpaper to mimic that scratchy constant sound and filled the inside of the box with rice.The rice is the SD portion of the box. It also is at the base of the box as it is a lower pitched background sound.

Next to represent the 4 wooden beats in the soundtrack,I used toothpicks and pierced them on each of the four sides of my woodbox ,each tooth pick progressing higher and higher on each side towards the metal ball.In order to see each toothpick,you would have to rotate the box which also agitates the rice producing that extra “shh” swaying  sound. I chose to use wire to create a ball (SO) represent the metal chime like quality the sound had. It is high pitched ,thus it is hovering over the box.Also it is one count,so I kept the metal ball to one as well.

Side view of toothpicks progressing higher up the sides of the box

Top view


Green strips of paper-Subdominant,Mesh wire-Sub ordinate

Metal coil-Dominant



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