4D project 2-the subverted object

For this project we were tasked to subvert an object.I drew the word “lamp”,So I had to find a way to change the meaning of the object itself by either juxtaposing it with another item or bring the lamp into a new environment.Since the lamp was fixed in the garden area of my home I decided to show how the lamp loses its function depending on the timing of the day.

TASK 1: Physical attributes and function

In these two pictures you can compare how the lamp loses its function during the day.It is turned off as it is the environment is well lit compared to the picture taken at night.The shadows in the background help emphasise the function of the lamp which is to provide light.The pictures are also symmetrical which makes it more stable and aesthetically pleasing.The shape, form and material of the lamp can also be seen due to the close up shots

The lamp is used to light the flowers in  garden area when it gets dark.I wanted to show that by capturing the amount of light on the flower itself. The background is dark and slightly blur which draws the viewers attention to the flower.The lamp is still visible in the background but has little presence.

TASK 2: Connotation

I decided to pair my lamp with a wooden figurine. The lamp is a source of light and light symbolises “life”, and proceeded to work about this idea.It is as if the figure is trying to hang on to his “life” so the lamp acts as support for the wooden figure.The shadows add a dramatic effect and the canted angle makes the pictures slightly more dynamic.Also taking the last picture from a high range made the subject look small and helpless.

TASK 3: Text

I wanted to clarify the context,which is seeing the lamp as “life”.Thus,I chose “cherish the light of life” which acts as an anchorage.

Overall,there is room for improvement.I could consider reducing the size of the figurine as its quite large compared to the lamp.Also I could work on including more types of shots, extreme closeups and wide shots to give my work some variety.

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