3D:Gaia’s Ikebana(Final)

Final model

The season i drew was ‘winter’ and was tasked to theme my project in that manner.Since Ikebana is part of the Japanese culture, i decided to delve deeper into the types of foods consumed during winter in japan.I came across ‘Oden’, which is basically a one pot winter dish consisting of several ingredients like radish and fishcakes stewed in a light broth.I kept the colour scheme to white,black and silver to match the snow,trees and cold weather.Also during winter its pretty empty in a sense where the leaves have fallen off trees and white snow covers the environment,and went for a minimalistic approach.For the cone I wanted to incorporate the radish but because of the angle of the cone,it is unable to support its own weight.I used wire and shaped it to form a cone in order to to suspend tiny cubes of radish .I used a Fishball as my sphere and pierced a wooden skewer through it.Similar to how oden is served with skewers.Lastly,I painted the branch black to stick with the colour scheme.


Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement,being practiced for more than 600 years.It is a disciplined art form in which living branches, leaves, grasses, and blossoms are arranged to bring nature and humanity together.What distinguishes ikebana from other approaches such as “flower arrangement” is its asymmetrical form and the use of empty space as an essential feature of the composition. A sense of harmony among the materials, the container, and the setting is also crucial.The color combinations, natural shapes, graceful lines work together creating a beautiful arrangement. Ikebana has a recorded history; it is backed up by articulate theories; and it is concerned with creativity. In Japan, flower arrangements are used as decorations on a level with paintings and other art objects.The Japanese love nature and try to incorporate it into their everyday lives e.g. taxi drivers hang a little vase with a flower or two at the edge of the windshield.Thus, creating a link between the indoors and the outdoors.The spiritual aspect of ikebana is very important. One becomes quiet when one practices ikebana. It helps you to live “in the moment” and to appreciate things in nature that previously had seemed insignificant.It also acts as inspiration which help individuals identify with beauty in all art forms.There are a few styles of ikebana arrangement,namely,rikka,shoku,nageire and moribana.


   1st model




2nd model

I decided to choose this sketch model for my final project as it display precarious balance which is more dynamic and exciting.