Open source as a culture

Open source refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. Likewise, Open source software¬†is software with source code that anyone alter, and enhance. Open source projects, products, allow for open exchange of content, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping and community-oriented development. OS challenges the proprietary model of cultural and technological production. In the reading, Siva argued that it is the “default way of doing things”. In the 1980s, the rapid adoption of proprietary information was so intense and influential that we hardly remember another way. However, in the recent years the benefits of OS have become clear. OS allows for more control over the software.Users¬†can examine the code to make sure it’s not doing anything they don’t want it to do, and they can change parts of it they don’t like.In addition, it provides training as users are able to learn from each others mistakes,since it is an open platform.