Mobile phone dock and speaker

For this project we were tasked to create a mobile phone dock/speaker.The speaker had to have these three functions:1) phone fits into the dock, 2) phone is charged with a connector, 3) speakers. Since there was so much freedom in how we could design the speaker itself,I decided to base my designs off animals and sketch out some of my ideas. Initially I began to sketch out some of my ideas without thinking too much about the 3D form o the 3 functions my speaker had to have.Also,I wanted the end speaker to have more than one function,to play music and to act as a night light.These were some of my sketches:

Most of my sketches ended up being inspired by a rabbit and I also noticed they were pretty spherical in structure.I already worked with spheres last semester so I decided to work with more rectangular ones instead.I thought of combining the idea of propping up the phone with the two rabbits (topmost pic) with a boombox speaker inspired design. I proceeded to sketch out more designs for the boombox base and picked out  the one I liked the best.The base would contain the iPhone dock and speaker and the two rabbits would light up according to the music.I  had some difficulty visualising my design in 3D in terms of scale and from the side view of the product and I felt that drawing on the foam with the iPhone measurements  helped a lot.From here I decided to improvise my design along the way.

The base was relatively easy to make.I cut the foam into a rectangular block, based off the measurements of the iPhone.Then I Cut a well in the middle of the base to act as the iPhone dock.The iPhone would be plugged into here and it would rest on the ears of the two bunnies.To make the bunnies,i started off with a rectangular block, and marked out where i want the ears to be and how tall i wanted the body to be.From there I cut off the excess with a foam cutter and sanded the rest to the desired shape.

Final model



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